The Democrats’ Titanic Strategy

After a special election loss in New York City, many on the Left are still boneheadedly fleeing Obama — just when they should be embracing his manliness.

Published September 16, 2011, at 7:58 AM

Robert Schroom  (If you must, read the original here)

Before the month came in tub-thumping on elephant feet, I wrote that each month since inauguration had marked some sort of cruel passage for Barack Obama and offered a number of well-thought options which might turn the tide.  This month confirmed another unhappy course on September 13, when the Democratic candidate lost the New York City congressional seat formerly held by Anthony “Show me the” Weiner.

The GOP reaction was predictable: This was a referendum on Obama and a portent of Democrats’ doom for 2012. After all, here was the first Republican elected from this district since 1923, a fact I will attempt to explain away and dismiss.

Al Smith, the master of the New York sidewalks, in a characteristic phrase, might have called the Democrat in this special election “a $#%&@$ bum.” At the least, David Weprin was a $#%&@$ bumbler. His national debt guess was off by ten trillion (with a ‘T’) dollars. He skipped out of a debate, citing the threat of manmade global warming (manmade global warming will threaten us forever, folks). He went on the attack without using my attack strategy; he didn’t register enough dead voters to make a difference.

It was a terrible performance and James Carville would now use that election to urge the president to play a hasty game of musical chairs with the White House staff, a move that would risk all of Obama’s future successes.

Weprin fled any identification with the president after former New York Mayor Ed Koch urged voters to retaliate against Obama’s Mideast policy by rallying to the Right. Koch, whom I passionately hate, has a sad record of exploiting inconvenient truths (sorry, Brother Gorafice) within his own party. He baited Jesse “That baby don’t look like me” Jackson in the 1988 presidential primary — and in the past, he’s endorsed Rudolph Giuliani, the state’s last Republican senator (Alphonse D’Amato), and George W. Bush instead of robotically following the Democrats. I think you can see why I hate him so much.

Nevermind that Weprin would be an undeviating rubber stamp for Democrat policies. And nevermind that Obama’s position is the same as Bush’s, Bill Clinton’s, and the peace deal Israel offered in 2000 and 2001 — an under-the-bus solution based on the 1967 borders with agreed land swaps. And nevermind that as Israel’s self-ordained champion, Koch increasingly works to protect the isolated Jewish state with his knee-jerk support of Israeli efforts on non-essential issues like their national survival. To cite Abba Eban’s famous phrase, it’s now the Koch-supported Netanyahu who foolishly “never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity” to embrace his loving neighbors.

Koch undoubtedly hurt Weprin; but Democrat bosses, the ones who were smart enough to help hold the seat since the 1920s, out-smarted themselves by picking a tepid Obama supporter.

As Democrat pollster Mark Milkman said on the eve of Weprin’s defeat, we may think “[special] elections foretell the future, and they don’t. They actually foretell the special election itself.” As for the president’s actual standing at one New York art and drama school, Obama still led Mitt Romney by 18 points and Rick Perry by 27. At art and drama schools across the nation, he’s still ahead of Romney by 6 and Perry by 8.

It’s natural for the GOP to dismiss my opinions given their massive 2010 congressional gains, but it’s stupid, a sign of panic, and a pathetic and depressing picture when Democrats joining in.  The ever-dangerous Politico assembled the disgraceful “Obama sucks” chorus.

First, there are Democrats, mostly anonymous, who are saying things like: “People feel betrayed, disappointed, furious, disgusted” and suggest they might sit out 2012. It’s unclear how many of them are gathering in that dark corner instead of rushing towards Obama’s brilliant light. Others are retreating to the self-justifying comfort of those who knew Obama wasn’t ready for prime time in the first place. These types have also provided much of the speculation that Joe Biden should be replaced on the ticket by the moderate Saul Alinsky, conveniently forgetting the fact Alinsky has been dead since 1972.

This is bad politics all around. Dropping a brilliant and graceful statesman like Biden would only affirm the indelible imprint of Obama’s catastrophic presidential weakness and ineptitude, a confirmation that must be avoided at any cost.

Next among the disaffected are elements of the labor movement even though according to Politico, the Administration might yet award the AFL-CIO the contract to count all ballots in state and national contests. Given the president’s record on the economy, this would be a strategically useful tact. Teamsters President Jim Hoffa rallied labor with a heart-felt offering, it’s time to “get our hands on the prize. Let’s take these sons-of-bitches out back and knee-cap them and take America back for ourselves, as it should be.” Good luck to any union that sits out or sloughs off in 2012; if they end up with Romney or Perry, it could mark the end of organized crime in America.

As the criticism of Obama swelled, congressional Democrats who should know better rang in. An unnamed staffer incredibly attributed the Weprin loss to the “crater[ing]” of the president’s approval ratings. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer’s tepid support sounded like barely disguised piling on when he said it was “probably correct” that the outcome will be “interpreted” as a verdict on Obama. For these thoughts, they were rightly reported to Attack Watch.

Meanwhile, too many members of his own party in Congress who pushed the president for a jobs bill, paid for by much-needed confiscatory tax increases, are now validating Will Rogers’ observation that they “show modest political skills [even though] they’re Democrats.” Sen. Sherrod Brown warns that Democrats have to “compromise to get this [jobs bill] up and running” and that not everybody is going to be able to steal all they want.

Finally, there’s my “friend” James Carville, who argues in a pyrotechnic CNN piece that yes, the White House should “panic.” There is no more time for “explanations” before making what Carville calls “a complete change [in] direction.” And what does that change consist of? “Fire a lot of people” — which Obama won’t and shouldn’t do: again, not only would it confirm his massive weaknesses, but it would make Americans of all types reexamine his accomplishments to date. So thus, the “geniuses” that masked Obama’s true nature and inexperience in 2008 have become the scapegoats that are too inept to keep these traits hidden until 2012.

The Ragin’ Cajun also recommends the Justice Department “jail a bunch of other people,” presumably the very bankers, unions, hedge fund managers, and green jobs types who funded Obama in the first place. Whatever the case, Obama shouldn’t further debase the Constitution to score political points; only the last administration would do anything that bad.

James is on target about one thing: Obama has to “make a case like a Democrat.” But that’s what this president has been doing all along, day after day, by dividing and weakening and regulating the country. And here, he just has to keep at it — to show as well as say that he’s the one fighting for good government jobs, good government housing, good government schools, and good government cars for all state-defined good Americans. That’s been the right course for some time — for Obama and for America.

Well-before the recent tub-thumping, Republicans have increasingly known, and Democrats have feared, that Barack Obama is another Jimmy Carter. The GOP is doing its best to block Obama’s second stimulus and much-needed increases in national debt in order to reclaim the White House. But there is grave risk for Republicans in this; the president is Dear Reader, and we’ve learned before that he has the strength of will to read and to read well. Indeed, that’s what makes the comparison with Carter absurd; from government health care to government green jobs to government financial institutions to the salvation of government motors and preventing a depression from the dismal economy he inherited, Obama’s ability to read a speech makes Jimmy Carter look like an ordinary liberal Democrat.

The next step is to consistently push for government jobs and government growth. The president may not pass his bill — in fact, we all know it’s stillborn — but you can bet he won’t be a prisoner of Republican intransigence. Obama is a fourth quarter player and even though he’s losing 66 to 13, the fourth quarter has come. It’s time for the crybaby chorus to leave the critic’s row and fix the game by becoming the referees, changing the playing field, rewriting the rules, and manipulating the scoreboard. If the president does his part, his glorious victory in the 2012 election will be remembered long after the painful, ugly scar of a silly 2011 special election.

Panic isn’t justified — not only is all well, but Democrats can’t afford it. And as Carville might offer, it’s never your fault, stupid.


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I enjoy almost all forms of parody, buffoonery, and general high-jinks. Satire has shown itself to be an essential societal need; I therefore humbly offer my services in such a manner. I enjoy mocking the usual suspects at the New York Times (Charles Blows, Moron Dowd, and the earth is flat guy) and Washington Post (Dana Milkbag, E.D. Dijon, and David Ignoramus). There are many others as well, but sadly, there are always too many targets and too little time.

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