President sharp-as-a-marble and the flat earthers

who you gonna believeIs there any irony that Dear Reader, the guy whose college grades, papers, and standardized test scores are hermetically sealed, calls the GOP ‘flat earthers’?

This from the man who promised a new tone of civility?

The man who is the face of the worst economic performance since the Great Depression?

The man whose speechwriters get historical details completely backwards? And in the same ‘flat earth’ speech?

The man who is actively running to minimize his record of anti-achievement?

The man who is trying to demonize and run against unelected citizens like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh?

How bizarre.


About Professor Mockumental

I enjoy almost all forms of parody, buffoonery, and general high-jinks. Satire has shown itself to be an essential societal need; I therefore humbly offer my services in such a manner. I enjoy mocking the usual suspects at the New York Times (Charles Blows, Moron Dowd, and the earth is flat guy) and Washington Post (Dana Milkbag, E.D. Dijon, and David Ignoramus). There are many others as well, but sadly, there are always too many targets and too little time.

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