North Korea’s No-Brainer Rocket Launch

While there is some amount of gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, the simple purpose of the upcoming North Korean rocket launch is this: to be able and deliver a nuclear weapon to a target.

If North Korea wanted space services, they could simply buy them from the Chinese, sanction-free, at a significant savings, and with little loss of face should the event fail.

But if North Korea wants an organic nuclear weapon deliver capability—which they do; that’s also why they have a nuclear weapons program—they have to do it themselves.

Where’s my Global Zero when I need it?


About Professor Mockumental

I enjoy almost all forms of parody, buffoonery, and general high-jinks. Satire has shown itself to be an essential societal need; I therefore humbly offer my services in such a manner. I enjoy mocking the usual suspects at the New York Times (Charles Blows, Moron Dowd, and the earth is flat guy) and Washington Post (Dana Milkbag, E.D. Dijon, and David Ignoramus). There are many others as well, but sadly, there are always too many targets and too little time.

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