Daily Archives: May 2, 2012

The Memory Hole

green jobsRewrite? What rewrite?

The rewrite on how Solyndra disappeared into the Administration’s memory hole.

And while we’re at it, how about that Department of Energy graphic, $34.7 billion in loans for 60,000 jobs?

That works out to a loan of $578K for each job.

Personally, I view that as a bad thing, but back to the topic at hand: Solyndra is even worse.

Solyndra got $535 million and “created” 3000 jobs (in the fifteen minutes before they went belly up), so they managed to lose $178K for each “job” they were credited with creating. That whole divide by zero (the number of jobs actually created) makes the per-job math much more difficult.

If this weren’t a Democrat administration, it’d be bigger than Watergate.


Mourning In America

Black thought of the day: our elites are epic failures. How epic? So epic we don’t even know how epic.

Maybe we’ve already driven off the fiscal cliff and we’re really just waiting for the sudden impact. That is, circumstances as we now know them are terminal, we’re just asleep at the switch.

If so, let us look to the leadership of our elites as we start re-arranging the deck chairs.

On the other hand, there is the if you love something, set it free ideal. Is it possible our elites love us—our country—enough to abandon their power and the notion the world revolves around them?


The good news: God is in control.

What has Obama wrought?

The economy is bigger than the President and you’d think such knowledge would lead a president towards humble modesty and keep his mouth shut.

Politics, of course, doesn’t work that way.

So while the President can’t control the economy, he can decidedly influence it and the Obama influence has wrought middle-class devastation:.

  • Deepened declines in middle class wages. For what its worth, the President took his favorite boogie man, George W. Bush, and made him look like a bright and shining economic star.
  • Massive middle class job losses have occurred under the Obama policies; 95% of job losses during the Obama era have been from the middle class.
  • Job growth has been limited to very small pockets: low-paying work or work in fields requiring advanced education.

The Administration’s 2012 goal is re-election. For that goal to be achieved, the President will have to deny his record, blame others, and obfuscate. If he’s successful, we can expect more of the same devastation. If he loses, Americans will have stopped—or at least delayed—the  insanity.