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The G8 gets a treat

In the picture below, U.S. President Barack Obama is seen treating visiting G8 dignitaries to a replay of the 2011 bin Laden takedown operation.

Prior to presenting the video, the President emphasized the “stone cold courage” he needed to watch the operation from the White House video-teleconference center. He also mentioned Vice President Joe Biden’s assessment that the event put the President’s political future very much at risk.

After viewing the video, the G8 leaders were dismissed to each receive a deep-tissue massage and spa treatment before reconvening at an early evening Champaign reception. Their agenda called for meetings later that evening where they would solve the European debt crisis.

With the crisis solved, the G8 leaders will be free to join the President for a friendly Sunday morning golf outing.

instant replay


JPEG of the Day

If the tag-line enquiring minds want to know is true, you’d say the traditional media lacks an enquiring mind.

Dan Rather wants the world to know if George W. Bush did enough single-engine approaches to alternate airfields in 1972 but anything regarding Barry Oh!, not so much.

From the stud-muffins at PJ Media, this speaks for itself:

Who shall bailout the bailers?

Is there any western nation out there—Canada, Germany, and Australia excluded—who doesn’t need a bailout?

And can those funding national-level bailouts (using ever-increasing amounts of newly created and self-borrowed money) continue this game forever? Despite the attractiveness of denial (“this time it’s different”), the evidence suggests things that can’t continue forever won’t.

So a question of growing significance is “Who shall bailout the bailers?”

Yet isn’t the answer obvious? Our “global leaders,” of course.

However, these are the same political, social, financial, and economic rocket scientists whose actions suggest they believe debt can be deferred indefinitely, inflated away, borrowed at costs approaching zero, or written down without serious impact. The same global leaders who can’t or won’t make the decisions that normal households do under similar circumstances every day (like choosing to live within one’s means).

These are the same global leaders who manage to equate “austerity” with government growth and “growth” with more government growth. It follows the admonition to never let a good crisis go to waste and the outcome is a continued erosion of freedom of choice and conscious, surrendered to those insiders who are wiser (market interference of all sorts, green jobs, national debt, tax policy, invented “rights,” regulation, etc.) about our own good than we are ourselves.

Debt-wise, as the U.S. is not much better off than those in crisis and since the Fed/U.S. government has long been the bailer of choice, who shall bail the Fed/U.S. government out?

Or alternatively, who will have to bear the results of their failures?