Obama Campaign’s New Tact

(Washington, PMNS)

barry b sadAccording to insiders, the President’s campaign team, reeling from his odious debate performance, has changed it’s approach. Just how odious was the performance? Even Mr. Obama’s re-election staff is quietly calling it “the Denver debacle.”

The new tact, said one official not authorized to speak publicly, will use a sort of “good-guy, bad-guy” approach to try and make inroads with voters. The “good guy” part of the plan is thought to be a subtle jab at Mr. Romney and will use a picture of Big Bird with the words “Vote Obama” beneath it. A second part of the good-guy plan will employ the vast pro-Obama library of Andrea Mitchell video clips.

As for the “bad guy” part of the plan? “Our idea,” said a second official, “is to try and better re-demonize Mitt Romney—that’s why we’re doing the liar-liar thing, and why we got the media and Hollywood to do the same—while telling voters who look like they’ve switched their allegiance, or might do so, that they’re simple-minded idiots who don’t understand all the things the President has done for them.”

Mr. Obama is said to be on-board with the new plan and has been already been promoting his idea that Mr. Romney is a liar at campaign stops, fund raisers, on the campaign web site, and in social media.

The second official offered the good-guy, bad-guy act was not an move of desperation, but was rather an element of the campaign to be held in strategic reserve until needed. He also offered that should the approach fail to provide the intended results, the President will have no choice but to cancel the remaining presidential debates “as a result of Mr. Romney’s lies.” Should in-house polling show the cancellations to be detrimental to Mr. Obama’s re-election effort, the campaign is also said to be considering re-visiting their earlier demand to have Jon Stewart and Bill Maher moderate the debates.

(Philup Nubia and Zerxes Jones-Smith from PMNS’s Mumbai Information, Research, and Translation Service enclave contributed to this article.)


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