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The Republican Mandate

Two sources of temporal liberal joy are as such: one of their usual suspects now coming out in favor of homosexual marriage (apparently poll-tested and following the trail blazed by Administration thought-leader Joe Biden) and Barack Obama is still president.

The President’s re-election has been construed by the media, the left, and the President as Obama’s mandate or alternatively, the death of the GOP. The unstated liberal hypothesis is this: “Our guy is the biggest fail since Jimmy Carter met Richard Nixon and Republicans still can’t beat him.”

Ignored is the fact Republicans re-won the House and can also claim the mandate of the 2012 elections as their own with their 30 Republican governors (versus 19 with Democrats) and 27 Republican-led legislatures (with only 17 states having Democrat-controlled legislatures).

Really, whose mandate is it, man?

And when Democrats like Ted Van Dyk or liberals like Bob Woodward challenge the left on their thinking, opinions, policies, actions, or “facts,” what happens is as predictable as night following day. They attack the man:

Van Dyk was correct [in a 2009 critique of the President’s non-leadership style]. Obama’s legislative overreach was corrected by the voters in the historic 2010 midterm wave election which obliterated a Democratic House majority cobbled together over the course of two pro-Democratic waves. But Van Dyk’s critics on the left, stung a tepid critique of Obama authored by one of their own, struck at his credibility and sought to undermine his authority.

“Who the heck is this guy?” asked The New Republic’s Barron Youngsmith in 2009. “[A] Nexis search reveals that he has been posing as an “enraged Democrat” abandoned by Democrats since at least the Carter administration. Liberals should dissent, of course, but this guy is just ridiculous.”

(We could also ask, “Who the heck is Barron Youngsmith? The name sounds like the love child of a minor land-free foreign dignitary and his cleaning lady..”)

But back to the mandate. Even though Republicans defeated the President’s call for across-the-board tax increases and have slowed the rate of government growth (slightly), their problem seems to be with the messenger and not the message. Conversely, the President has no such problem; in fact, voters are apparently OK with the messenger, yet not the message. After all, Obama was re-elected in spite of his sub-Nixon/Carter record.

So what’s easier to replace, the message(s) or the messenger(s)?

(Don’t look at me for an answer; it’s rhetorical.)

While Obama’s re-election could be viewed as an anomaly and the death of the GOP is a great exaggeration, a most humbling—perhaps terrifying—question remains: do we really do get the government we deserve?


One week of reveals of massive media fails

Quite a week we’re having here, isn’t it? As such, let’s review some recent media fails, which ironically, have now been revealed by the media to the media.

Notre Dame linebacker and Heisman trophy runner-up Manti Te’o didn’t have a real girlfriend and she didn’t have a car crash, have cancer, or die. The incredible lie was faked for months on end until it was revealed by non-traditional media source Deadspin. Others doubtless knew far earlier—like Notre Dame—but were too invested in the lie to bring the issue forward.

Lance Armstrong, media and Nike created hero, drug-based cycling champion, and cancer survivor, just wants to put the whole PED issue behind him—he says—as limited to the crying couch of the Oprah Winfrey show. The fact Armstrong stands to benefit by up to the near-total value of his estate ($100 million) by closing his cheating saga is not much discussed. Another storyline, that Armstrong attempted to destroy anyone who crossed him with the truth of his cheating, is even less pondered.

And of course there’s the media fail on the political front. President Obama knows his words speak louder than actions. That’s why his gun control power grab/photo op is much saluted by most of the media even if it wouldn’t have affected the Sandy Hook shooting in any way. Ignored by the media is a more fundamental issue: if the President can bypass legislation and process with regard to the Second Amendment, why not the First?

The President’s main mouthpiece says if just one child can be saved, Obama’s extra-Constitutional gun control is warranted. Our media fails to note the estimated 3500 children dying daily as a result of abortion were not available for comment.

Among the President’s promises leading up to the 2008 election were halving the federal deficit, increased employment, transparency, improved U.S. standing in the world (especially with Muslims, but consider Benghazi and the Arab Spring writ large), closing Gitmo, and increased political civility. His across-the-board failures on these topics drew little mainstream media attention in the run-up to the the 2012 election.

Did the media notice any of these things? Of course. But most didn’t think it was important enough to mention.

Our press is said to be free. It seems, however, that most of it is indentured to the left, to the government, and to its own mythologies.

Politics Ain’t Beanbag

testerI live in Red State Montana where Mitt Romney crushed Barack Obama like a worm.

So if you are interested in reconciling how a vulnerable Democrat incumbent like Senator Jon Tester could manage to win re-election over well-qualified Republican challenger Denny Rehberg, read this.

To paraphrase one of the commenters, Tester won because he’s a lying creep (but he’s their lying creep).

It’s almost as if there’s a vast left-wing conspiracy.

What do you believe and why?

reidtardFor conservatives, the Tuesday election results brought forth weeping and gnashing of teeth. That’s ok. It’s a normal response when you lose something following a large investment of intellectual and emotional capital.

For liberals, the Tuesday election results delivered jubilation and celebration. That’s normal as well, but the conclusions the left is now drawing are not supported by reality. Examples:

  • Harry Reid-tard thinks the American people have embraced tax increases as a result of the narrow Obama victory. That’s the way the left thinks, in power terms, and money—taxes in this case—is power.
  • Eugene Robinson says A New America Speaks. He ignores the Obama drop from 2008 as well as the general zeitgeist of the people regarding America’s way forward.
  • A third guy says Obama’s victory vindicates his Iran policy. I suppose this means the same writer would offer the Obama win validates his Benghazi policy, his Arab Spring policy, his Russian Reset policy, and all other policies, foreign and domestic, as well.

A better explanation of the narrow Obama win—and his microscopic coattails—is this: for better or worse (worse, based on his record), many voted for Broncobama as a popular or historical or even transcendent figure, even if far fewer held this view than they did in 2008. Romney, and the ideas he represents, didn’t have enough appeal to create victory. And when you have a 47% built-in base like Dear Reader does, you don’t have to skim off too many of the rest to eek out a win.

So while liberals demonstrate that man remains the only creature capable of lying to himself, there’s more than sorrow or joy at work in this one election, or so far as it goes, in any number of elections. The long war is one of ideas, of winning hearts and minds: conservative ideas possess efficacy and explanatory power; liberal ideas have failed.

And what’s the way ahead for the black, for the white, the red and brown, the purple and yellow? Fight the (left’s) power.

There’s no guarantee…

The people have spoken

The people have spoken and the people, as a group, are clearly far more stupid than I have given them credit for. A vacuous and corrupt media is a major contributor.

Prepare the sackcloth and ashes because things that can’t continue forever won’t.

Unbold prediction: four years from now the United States will be worse off with regard to our economy, our indebtedness, our household wealth, and our place in the world than we are today.

Is Hurricane Sandy Obama’s October surprise?

toolPresident Obama had long been twisting in the wind regarding the security debacle in Benghazi.

Now a monster storm blows in and creates devastation which not only changes the subject from Mr. Obama’s foreign policy ineptness and his ever evolving storyline, but which also gives big government—a foundational Obama principle—a chance to shine (assuming his Leviathan is actually capable of shining, unlike Benghazi) in the post-hurricane recovery effort.

Such a sequence of events are enough to make one wonder if David Axelrod took out another mortgage on his soul (assuming he had one to begin with).

New explanation of Obama-fail: it’s Bill Clinton’s fault

slickBill Clinton, who was to the 1990s U.S. economy as Jud Buechler was to the Chicago Bulls in the same era (that is, he knew his role was to sit on the bench and stay out of the way), is now being accused by the New York Times of hurting President Obama’s re-election efforts.

The best way to go after Mr. Romney, the former president said, was to publicly grant that he was the “severe conservative” he claimed to be, and then hang that unpopular ideology around his neck.

Indeed, that plan may have been a stupid idea (and one that ought to decrease lib’s Clinton nostalgia as well as their undying—and inexplicable—notions of his political brilliance). Why? First, because the plan depended on unending attack ads to depict Romney as someone he isn’t and second, because it’s self-evident that Mitt Romney is not a severe conservative.

Similarly, it was also inept on Weak Willy’s part because after one term of Obama, most of America seems capable of realizing a “severe conservative,” that is, the ideological and policy opposite of the President, might better serve the nation than the whirlwind brought by Barry and crew: unemployment, the unsustainable explosion of the welfare state, an unpayable debt bomb, foreign policy fails, etc.

So maybe there are two lessons here: 1) Bill Clinton isn’t all that and 2) Obama can do bad all by himself.

In the meantime, the left is already starting to explain away the President’s impending defeat. Next, it’ll be the hurricane depressed turnout by liberal voters. Finally, it’ll be that Americans don’t know what’s good for them.

The lesson of the third debate

The lesson of the third presidential debate returns to the theme of the vice presidential debate: rudeness is a weak man’s imitation of strength.

And as I’ve been told, the campaign always reflects the candidate.

Presidential Debate Preview

The final presidential debate review may be framed accordingly: Obama will want to be judged on his foreign policy intentions; Romney will want voters to judge Obama on his foreign policy actions.

As with arms control (and government intervention, writ large), the problem with the Obama Administration isn’t that it hasn’t been given a chance to succeed; it’s that its success, like tomorrow, is always only a day away.

The Romney theme will be that America needs new leadership because the cost of the status quo is greater than the risk of change. The President—apparently both writing and believing his own press releases—said he’d restore America from the grinding foreign policy failures of George W. Bush. The reality is America’s position in the world is the lowest it’s been since the Civil War.

As Winston Churchill might have suggested, Obama has confused disarmament with peace. When we have peace, disarmament will follow. And to paraphrase Curtis LeMay, when you kill enough terrorists, they’ll stop fighting (and even the President knows this at some level, hence the ongoing drone wars). The lesson of history is that peace ends in war and war ends in peace.

Finally, the left’s pillow-biting media will remain incapable of understanding the difference between a man who sheds light and one who lights fires. The Barack Obama experience has been a fool’s errand and Americans have played the fool.

Dig this.

Obama not so terrible; still going to lose

The debacle in Denver is just a dot in Barack Obama’s rear-view mirror and he showed up for the second debate at Hofstra University in better form. Chances are it had something to do with the new Presidential Pharmacologist. Regardless, most Democrats in the media are gleefully and predictably declaring victory. Well, it is a victory: it’s a moral victory, and those are for losers.

Other media fanboys, fangirls, and Democrat operatives won’t see it as a moral victory, they’ll see it as a relative victory; that is, Obama was better than before. Relative victories are also for losers. Were they actually fearful Obama would perform more poorly than in the first debate?

The bummer for Obama is he now needs a knockout October surprise, whether it’s at the next debate, in some sort of miracle regarding the economy, some devastating personal information on Mitt Romney, or being able to climb out of Benghazigate with the Administration’s dignity enhanced.

All appear unlikely.

Plus, the President has this thing that follows him everywhere he goes and it ain’t his shadow. It’s his record.

This will not end well for Barry.

New Dem Debate Plan Will Assure A Win

(Washington DC, PMNS)

After the debacle in Denver where most observers felt Mitt Romney decisively defeated President Obama and the subsequent vice presidential debates where Joe Biden perhaps eked out a tie on substance and lost handily on style, many discouraged Democrat insiders were at a loss as to how to regain the campaign momentum they so desire heading into the general election.

Senior strategist David Axelrod seems to think he’s found the way, an unconventional approach that adds an additional debate between Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden while dropping the last two scheduled presidential debates between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama.

A senior campaign advisor not authorized to speak on the record said, “The President clearly got caught with his pants down. Joe turned himself into a weapon of mass interruption and looked like a freak. So instead of any more of that, we’re going to cancel the last two presidential debates and instead have the President and Mr. Biden debate each another. We thing this is certain to create a Democrat debate win of some sort, drive a lot of media buzz, and get back on track.”

The advisor added, “On top of a sure Obama-Biden debate win of some sort, cancelling the last two presidential debates also removes the possibility of another beat-down by Mitt Romney, something we need to avoid at all costs.” The Romney camp is said to be livid at the change in plans.

Some feel Mr. Biden may defer to the President at their debate. Earpieces and teleprompters will be allowed for the President, who may also benefit from the use of an “applause track, a laughter track, and a groan track” he can use at any time. Finally, the event will be moderated by Mr. Axelrod himself. Although the deck seems stacked against Mr. Biden, most think he has a reasonable chance against Mr. Obama unless he decides to tank.

Debate locations are being scouted—Washington DC’s Kennedy Center seems to be a favored site—and the timing of the debate will almost certainly be sometime in the last week of October.

(Philup Nubia and Zerxes Jones-Smith from PMNS’s Mumbai Information, Research, and Translation Service enclave contributed to this article.)

When is a debate draw not a draw?

When is a vice presidential debate a draw and when do voters split?

When you’re CNN (and when Paul Ryan beats Joe Biden 48-44).


New Obama Campaign Debate Strategy

(Danville, KY, PMNS)

old joeDemocrat operatives are hoping a new strategy will propel Mr. Obama’s re-election effort past the week-old “debacle in Denver” with the vice presidential debates to be held here tonight on the campus of Centre College.

“The general idea is we’ll accept Joe Biden being slaughtered in order to put the President’s debate performance behind us. All we want to do is to turn the page,” said a close advisor to Mr. Obama. However, other advisors are not so willing to let Mr. Biden roam freely for fear he might generate a “fatal Bidenism.” So far all the VP’s fatal Bidenisms have been caught by the media and erased before they’ve had a chance to become a focus of discussion.

As such, technology has become an important safety net for the Democrats, and tonight Mr. Biden will be wearing a remote shock collar should he stray too far from the party line. As such, aides will shock Mr. Biden as required in order to help him stay on-message as much as possible.

“Joe’s familiar with this thing, in fact, he first wore it during the debate with Sarah Palin in the 2008 election,” the insider said. “It’s probably the only thing that allowed him a semblance of a draw. I suppose in hindsight, we should have left it on since then.”

Mr. Biden’s counterpart, Rep. Paul Ryan won’t face the same sort of restrictions, having proven himself to the Romney campaign by already besting Mr. Obama on Obamacare and the Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, on the Administration’s non-plan to reduce the debt and entitlement crises.

Expect sparks to fly, literally, tonight from Centre College.

(Philup Nubia and Zerxes Jones-Smith from PMNS’s Mumbai Information, Research, and Translation Service enclave contributed to this article.)

Obama Campaign’s New Tact

(Washington, PMNS)

barry b sadAccording to insiders, the President’s campaign team, reeling from his odious debate performance, has changed it’s approach. Just how odious was the performance? Even Mr. Obama’s re-election staff is quietly calling it “the Denver debacle.”

The new tact, said one official not authorized to speak publicly, will use a sort of “good-guy, bad-guy” approach to try and make inroads with voters. The “good guy” part of the plan is thought to be a subtle jab at Mr. Romney and will use a picture of Big Bird with the words “Vote Obama” beneath it. A second part of the good-guy plan will employ the vast pro-Obama library of Andrea Mitchell video clips.

As for the “bad guy” part of the plan? “Our idea,” said a second official, “is to try and better re-demonize Mitt Romney—that’s why we’re doing the liar-liar thing, and why we got the media and Hollywood to do the same—while telling voters who look like they’ve switched their allegiance, or might do so, that they’re simple-minded idiots who don’t understand all the things the President has done for them.”

Mr. Obama is said to be on-board with the new plan and has been already been promoting his idea that Mr. Romney is a liar at campaign stops, fund raisers, on the campaign web site, and in social media.

The second official offered the good-guy, bad-guy act was not an move of desperation, but was rather an element of the campaign to be held in strategic reserve until needed. He also offered that should the approach fail to provide the intended results, the President will have no choice but to cancel the remaining presidential debates “as a result of Mr. Romney’s lies.” Should in-house polling show the cancellations to be detrimental to Mr. Obama’s re-election effort, the campaign is also said to be considering re-visiting their earlier demand to have Jon Stewart and Bill Maher moderate the debates.

(Philup Nubia and Zerxes Jones-Smith from PMNS’s Mumbai Information, Research, and Translation Service enclave contributed to this article.)

How clueless is Barack Obama?

barack newmanHow clueless is Barack Obama? He’s so clueless he doesn’t know how clueless he is. In the Johari Window, Mr. Obama is stuck in quadrant 2, the “blind spot,” or as I prefer, seen by others, not seen by self. Here’s the (unsourced) liberal-media evidence:

And we are told that when Obama left the stage that night, he was feeling good. That’s terrifying. On every single issue, Obama has instantly plummeted into near-oblivion.

Of course, there’s much more about Mr. Obama that’s terrifying than his debate performance… like his Presidency.

And for liberals and the media, there’s also the terrifying idea that the real Barack Obama has been exposed.

Rapper Dogg Poop ♥’s Obama

(Los Angeles, PMNS)

After the debate debacle in Denver, rapper Dogg Poop (born Calvin Coolidge Brohaus, Jr.) has taken to Twitter to affirm an as-yet unrequited man love for U.S. President Barack Obama.

The well-known rapper was first introduced to the idea of Obama man love by fellow acolyte (and ironically, winner of the celebrity Mitt Romney look-alike contest) George Clooney while the pair was under house arrest in Beverly Hills on a shoplifting-and-conspiracy charge. Dogg Poop later met the President at a 2008 fund raiser for the then-candidate at the home of media mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The rapper, best known for his promotions with Grape Nuts, the WNBA, and Pepsi Absolute Zero, made a list of how he loves the President and of his animosity towards Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Rap experts and handwriting specialists say the list is authentic and representative of Dogg Poop’s work (the following is, of course, a transcription of the tweeted photograph of Dogg Poop’s hand-written list):

  1. Obama may only be half-white but Romney’s all white.
  2. Romney thinks a ho is a gardening tool.
  3. Obama blows smoke and smokes blow.
  4. Obama got them Obama phones.
  5. Obama reminds me of a dude I met at Akbar.
  6. Romney reminds me of my probation officer.
  7. Michelle got a big old booty.
  8. My agent said this would be an edgy thing to do even if Katy Perry already did it.
  9. Romney can’t go to his left; Obama can go to his left.
  10. When Obama’s got nuthin to say, he says nuthin.

Most political analysts say this Dogg Poop endorsement is just the re-boot the President needs to get his campaign back on track, put economic and foreign policy issues behind him, and win the next two presidential debates decisively.

How the upcoming VP debates will benefit President Obama

(Washington, PMNS) Several Democrat strategists are looking forward to the upcoming vice-presidential debates, despite the long history of rhetorical face-plants and inarticulate buffoonery provided by sitting VP Joe Biden.

(At right, Mr. Biden explains the the federal debt to a closed-session audience at Davos 2012.)

Speaking off the record, one well-known strategist offered, “Mainly, it’ll allow us to put Obama’s debate debacle and the discussions about his record behind us and to get more Romney attack ads in heavy TV, radio, and social media rotation. And of course, our friends who are journalists,” he said, adding air quotes, “will be doing their part as well.”

Democrat strategist LeRoy Fonduemerville, a veteran of eight presidential races, said, “Although Joe’s a clown, he’s our clown, and a loyal one at that. He’ll do and say anything he’s told, unless he forgets or mangles his script… which he’s capable of, of course.”

A third strategist who refused to be identified said he thought it would be “helpful to the President’s campaign in diverting attention from the just-cooked unemployment rate and that whole Benghazi thing.”

A final anonymous strategist said, “It gives us a bit of a breather to schedule more Bill Clinton appearances on the President’s behalf. We’re desperate for a Clinton-driven boost, so hopefully we can raise the appearance money he requires. And if all else fails, there’s still a few more race cards to be played as well as Hillary 2016.”

More recently, several of the more severe “Joe being Joe” moments are thought to be the result of a severe fungal infection associated with the Vice President’s hair-plugs. Medical officials at Bethesda Naval Hospital say there is new hope an experimental anti-fungal treatment will slow the rate of Biden’s decline. Similarly, the use of a teleprompter is thought to mitigate the magnitude and severity of the VP’s “Bidenisms” and one staffer now has the full-time task of personally monitoring Mr. Biden’s public speaking and simply powering off his microphone should the VP trend towards the serious gaffes he’s well know for.

Regardless, most political analysts are already predicting a clear Biden win despite the fact Las Vegas odds makers have installed Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan as the prohibitive debate favorite. As one odds maker put it, “Even if Ryan doesn’t show up, I say he’s a lock to clean Joe’s clock. The longer Joe talks, the worse things seem to get for him.”

(Philup Nubia and Zerxes Jones-Smith from PMNS’s Mumbai Information, Research, and Translation Service enclave contributed to this article.)

The solution to Obama-fail

The solution to Obama-fail (both domestic and foreign), as prescribed by Obama, his handlers, and most of the MSM is simple: apply more Obama.

Instructions: pick the best explanation for the above “solution.”

a) Insanity (that is, keep doing more of the same and you’ll get different results).

b) The solutions to the problems at hand cannot be adequately addressed by the minds that created the difficulty.

c) He may be an idiot, but he’s our idiot.

d) Nancy Pelosi is not electable at a national level, but Barack Obama is.

e) b and c above.

Discuss among yourselves. The correct answer will be posted at a later date.

Benghazi debacle: nothing here to see

not my faultThe Obama Administration doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on the Benghazi debacle as being attributable to the Muhammad movie trailer as the source of all Muslim rampage, including its culpability for the in the murder of four Americans.

Why? Because failure to assign blame to an external source means the Administration would be responsible for the gross security failure at Benghazi.

And more so, a gross security failure is indicative of a gross leadership failure which can be further equated to gross policy failures and gross failures of competence.

For an Administration that’s predicating a re-election based on domestic policies of wealth transfer and class warfare (while ignoring the debt, unemployment, crony capitalism, new government barriers to wealth creation, etc.) and foreign policy “wins” via the death of Bin Laden and the success of drone strikes (ignoring the melt-down in the Middle East, the failure of the Russian reset, Iran going nuclear, unending China human rights violations and territorial disputes, etc.), the whole house of cards regarding Obama’s leadership, policies, and competence comes falling down.

What will America’s smartest president and the world’s most powerful man to do? Blame Bush, or better—in the mind of Barry and his handlers, to include the MSM—blame Romney.

The Republican’s Obama Dilemma

not my faultRepublicans seem to have a problem: how do you land effective punches on what amounts to an empty suit (or in the Eastwood version, an empty chair)?

Alternatively, with the Obama meme as “It isn’t my fault,” assigning ownership of the many failed Obama policies to an empty suit becomes more difficult, especially when the empty heads of the media bow at the President’s feet.

What’s a conservative candidate to do? Spend.

Spending—or donating—one’s own money makes the liberal angst associated with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision easier to understand. Basically, those who oppose the court’s decision oppose the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. That is, the left opposes the people having the power to decide for themselves and would prefer that the media spoon-feed and filter everything. We’ve had our experts look at this and we’ve decided it’s for your own good.

And it’s also interesting to see that the left attempts to smear Citizens United in many ways, including bogus ratings via a web-based tool called Web of Trust.