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When is wealth evil? When you’re a Republican

From Bloomberg on Al Gore, the $200 million dollar man, also known as the Gorafice and/or the crazed sex-poodle:

Albert Arnold Gore Jr., 65, is a lot of things to a lot of people. Among friends and fans, he’s the progressive Democrat who should have been president, visionary author and Internet prophet, the man who more than anyone drove climate change to the center of public consciousness.

Detractors see Gore as a limousine liberal, tiresome pedant and climate alarmist who lives a jet-setting, carbon-profligate lifestyle while preaching asceticism for everyone else.

His work and writing on global warming have earned him a share of a Nobel Prize as well as a South Park cartoon parody in which he tries to scare school kids to his beliefs with a fictitious global-warming surrogate monster known as ManBearPig.

The above block quote contains an error-in-fact. Gore is not a limousine liberal; he’s a Learjet liberal. There’s a hypocrisy order-of-magnitude difference between the two.

Wealth is only evil when one is a Republican. As a for example, just ask Mr. Teresa Heinz where he’s parking his $7 million yacht these days.


Al Gore in Britain

It seems Al Gore has arrived in Britain. Literally, in Biden-speak, and figuratively in reality-speak.

From Christopher Booker at The Telegraph:

As the snow of the coldest March since 1963 continues to fall, we learn that we have barely 48 hours’ worth of stored gas left to keep us warm, and that the head of our second-largest electricity company, SSE, has warned that our generating capacity has fallen so low that we can expect power cuts to begin at any time. It seems the perfect storm is upon us.

The grotesque mishandling of Britain’s energy policy by the politicians of all parties, as they chase their childish chimeras of CO2-induced global warming and windmills, has been arguably the greatest act of political irresponsibility in our history.

The source of the madness? The “wisdom” of the “settled science” of manmade global warming. And it means in Britain, you might not be able to afford to warm yourself. (Something about Taxman comes to mind…)

Within seven years this new tax will rise to £30 a ton, and by 2030 to £70 a ton, making it wholly uneconomical to generate any more electricity from the coal and gas-fired power stations that last week were still supplying two thirds of our electricity.

Since the wisdom of the politicians in Britain is insanity, the obvious lesson is you reap what you sow. And as a corollary, voters need to think carefully about why they’re sowing madness.

Michael Bloomberg is a… a what?

Soda-sovereign wannabe Michael Bloomberg, having been literally (Biden-speak) set in the corner to wear the dunce cap of democracy by the judiciary, brings to mind another failed politico with the stench of chronic overreach on his breath, Al Gore, AKA, The Goreafice.

Ergo, the correct answer to the SAT-like analogy question of the day is this: Michael Bloomberg is to small sodas as Al Gore is to manmade global warming.

The overarching philosophy for both men is from the progressive playbook: people are too stupid to make their own decisions and as such, government should make those decisions for them. Exceptions include government condoned abortions and/or homosexuality.

Because the people take offense at having their freedoms overtly restricted, progressives have to take misleading positions, quibble, or lie to get their control agenda to work.

And in other breaking news, the sun will come up in the east tomorrow.

Two of the left’s favorite eco-terrorists

rooThe New York Times says Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Air Travel.

So what’s a great sinner to do? Perhaps establish a process of buying carbon indulgences with one’s travel miles or even easier, just rely on your liberal bona fides.

This topic only needs to be addressed because the very same New York Times observed Hillary Clinton’s main claim to fame in her tenure as Secretary of State seems to be that she traveled many miles.

In an airplane.

And yet another publication wryly observed, “If diplomatic achievements were measured by the number of countries visited, Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the most accomplished U.S. secretary of state in history.”


Yes, those suffering under the debilitating intellectual effects of libotomies often confuse 1) activity with adding value and 2) intentions with outcomes.

Under Secretary Clinton, shuttle diplomacy was exchanged in favor of shuttle activity. Shuttle activity, to paraphrase the Secretary herself, ‘Is what it is,’ but don’t pretend it’s anything else. After all, What difference does it make?

Of course, there’s another eco-terrorist, selflessly planning to rack up the carbon sins in the name of saving the small people from themselves. (And it isn’t even the easily mocked super-crony capitalist/crazed sex-poodle Al Gore.)

‘Do as I say and not as I do’ is a recurring—and annoying—liberal theme.

Blurb of the day

The blurb of the day as delivered by Michael Wolff, writing at McPaper:

Not so long ago, making outsize money meant you were a winner in the game. Now, it just means you’re a cheater.

The topic/target of the blurb? None other than Al Gore, that god of green greed, inventor of the internet, protagonist role model for Love Story, also known as “The Gorafice” and/or ‘crazed sex poodle.’ 

Blurb well said, Mr. Wolff.

Top Ten Thoughts on Keith Olbermann’s Sad Departure

blovermanEven though Keith Olbermann has been fired from Current TV, there is still much comedy gold to be mined from the ridiculousness.

In that vein, let us consider the top ten thoughts associated with Olbermann’s departure:

10. Got off to a bad start: deeply angered when Gore drew a moustache on Olbermann’s prize Mickey Mantle rookie card.

9. Olbermann’s passion to join professional slot-car racing tour could not be restrained.

8.  Post divorce settlement, Gore seemed to regain an interest in Current TV making money.

7. Olbermann angered when Current TV authorities refused to build a studio in his mom’s basement.

6. Olbermann’s acidic spittle destroyed innumerable Current TV cameras.

5. Olbermann naming Gore as Worst Sex Poodle in the World poorly received by Current TV authorities.

4. Olbermann found out he actually gets no salary and that his contract instead calls for Current TV profit sharing.

3. Olbermann angered when Gore limits his sneering use of the word “Sir” to twelve times per show.

2. Olbermann humiliated by Current’s rejection of Olbermann’s proposed Fall Forward motto.

1. Al Gore likes to recycle post-consumer waste, to include Client No. 9.

The Mad Skills of Keith Olbermann

blovermanKeith Olbermann is again removed for cause, AKA fired.

I’m shocked, shocked!



Mr. Olbermann is said to have some mad skills. If the above were released within minutes, it would appear these skills are as a typist and bridge burner, as opposed to being a coherent thinker.

His replacement, Client Number 9 (AKA Eliot Spitzer), is sure to prove more pliable, less prone to self-destruction (well, regarding the workplace anyway), and is an affirmation of Mr. Gore’s attempt to recycle things that have gone past their use-by date.

New Documentary Rules To Affect Academy Awards

In a move designed to reduce the large number of documentaries contending for Oscars at the annual Academy Awards, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided that any movie declared to be a “documentary” must substantively reflect reality, a crushing blow certain to affect filmmakers like Michael Moore, Al Gore, and Hanna-Barbera. The new rules will take place for the 2013 awards.

The new requirement is an unusual twist in a long list of recent changes to qualifying standards that apply to the various Oscar categories, including the necessity that a “best picture” be interesting, that the “best animated feature” be animated, and that the “best foreign language film” not be performed by anyone using an English or Australian accent.

Already, at least one film on this year’s Oscar qualifying list for documentaries, the movie “Semper Yo, Don’t Eat Yellow Snow,” about the Marine Corps and a tainted patch of snowpack at Alaska’s Camp Denali, was shown to not substantively reflect reality. Additionally, another dozen films — including “The Mexican Hatdance,” “The Power of Glove” and “Small Faces, Unfinished Spaces” — qualified for this year’s Oscar consideration, but also appear not to have the basic factualness that will be required for next year’s awards.

“This will be a disappointment to a number of filmmakers,” said Thom Weekers, a programmer for the Toledo International Film Festival, on learning of the policy. “I’m hopeful we can get the Academy to come up with a new category which continues the tradition of allowing untruthful and bogus ‘documentaries’ to compete for this prestigious honor.”

The policy comes atop still other changes that will be announced this week, according to Mr. Moore, a one-time member of the Academy’s Board of Insiders and now, a major victim of the revisions. Mr. Moore said for 2013 the Academy will also abandon the current process of allowing members to rate films without having viewed them. The 2007 winner for best documentary, Mr. Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, would now be ineligible on two grounds: not only did the movie manufacture its purported scientific results and conclusions, but it was also only screened by elementary and middle school students (and their teachers), and was never actually viewed by a voting member of the Academy.

The documentary branch has often been a center of controversy, as a large and growing number of patently false documentarians each year press for recognition. Some, like this year’s contenders “Tyson Chicken,” from James Tupak, and “Capitalism: I’m Making This Up” from Mr. Moore, are thought to have suffered in advance of the new rules, perhaps being ignored in favor of other less visibly false movies.

Correction: January 11, 2012

Due to an autocorrect error, an earlier version of this article misstated Mr. Moore’s surname as Mr. Moron.

Say Hello To My Epic Fail

Except for the manmade global warming scam (which made Bernie Madoff look like a two-bit con man), Al Gore’s hire of Keith Olbermann is perhaps his most epic fail.

In the long run (like the face you have when you’re 50-plus years old), you generally get what you deserve. And those two deserve each other.


Breaking News From Al Gore’s Green Machine

angry-red-goreBob Woodward has this to say about the Gorafice:

…sitting next to Gore is taxing. In fact, it’s unpleasant.

Hmm. Consider Woodward a quick study. After all, it appears to have taken Tipper Gore 40 years to discover the same thing.

It would seem Woodward means taxing, as in difficult, demanding, unpleasant, strenuous, challenging, and tiring. However, he could also mean it in the tax Gore and his minions are well familiar with; cap-and-trade, Kyoto, crony capitalism, tariff, excise, due, toll, and levy.

Consider the “settled science” of the man-made Warmunists when reading the following quote from Albert Speer, Hitler’s Minister of Armaments and War Production:

In normal circumstances, people who turn their backs on reality are soon set straight by the mockery and criticism of those around them, which makes them aware they have lost credibility. In the Third Reich there were no such correctives, especially for those who belonged to the upper stratum. On the contrary, every self-deception was multiplied as in a hall of distorting mirrors, becoming a repeatedly confirmed picture of a fantastical dream world which no longer bore any relationship to the grim outside world. In those mirrors I could see nothing but my own face reproduced many times over.

Climategate two point oh (or alternatively, Part Deux) has provided yet another look behind the Gorafice-led Warmunists’ curtain, and it ain’t that pretty at all.

Hockey, anyone? I have quite a few sticks available and can’t even give them away…