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The irony of Credo

In a ten-minute video, the WSJ suggests left-coast liberal/progressive/activist/social justice phone service provider Credo is the victim of a hush-hush National Security Letters demand.

I seem to remember when candidate Obama said the seas would stop rising and life in America would be all seashells and bubbles (to include the Justice Department) under his wise and benevolent guidance.

So while Credo is all anti-Tea Party, anti-development, pro-snail dart, pro-gun control, etc., they’re also against (and perhaps a victim of) the Administration’s surveillance state.

Perhaps Credo has forgotten that its the government that allowed them to be successful in the first place, hmm?

The lesson? The natural and uncorrected bent of government ratchets in one direction: towards its own power.

Barryworld—send lawyers, drones, and spyware.