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Kroft goes Lewinsky on Obama and Clinton

A comment regarding the predictable lapdog once called ‘the free press’ from IBD. (The comment was in reference to Steve Kroft’s infomercial with the President and Hillary Clinton on the 60 Minutes therapy couch, where Kroft managed to make George Stephanopoulos look bipartisan, inquisitive, and objective.) From IBD:

America’s elitist media establishment is no longer just an ideologically lopsided disgrace; like some banana republic’s prostituting state press agency, it is subjugating our free system of government by an informed people.

Given Steve Kroft’s performance with the President and Mrs. Clinton, you could even say he’s not just a predictable media lapdog, but also that he gives a predictable media lapdance. And knowing that is likely why Obama and Clinton ended up with Kroft, at 60 Minutes, and on CBS.

On the other hand, you have your Obama organizatione non grata, Fox News.

And as it regards Fox News (and several others), the Administration is exerting it’s substantial bureaucratic power by denying access to unfavored media and demonizing the same.

An entire Administration living in a bubble is not a good thing. Will the President and his staff choose to exit the bubble and engage in the arena of ideas?

Don’t hold your breathalyzer.


Post-debate headline of the day

Here’s the post-debate headline of the day: Obama finds his missing teleprompter.

If Obama and Romney were both Candy’s children, it would appear she’d weigh-in in favor of Barry. The reason? He seems intellectually starved and needs the extra help. You know (and as Barry has said), spread it around a little.

And if she’s ever called upon to moderate another debate, Republicans will be well advised to kidnap Crowley, give John Sununu a wig and a muumuu, and put him on the stage.

Just a thought… and I think Sununu might be able to pull it off.

How the upcoming VP debates will benefit President Obama

(Washington, PMNS) Several Democrat strategists are looking forward to the upcoming vice-presidential debates, despite the long history of rhetorical face-plants and inarticulate buffoonery provided by sitting VP Joe Biden.

(At right, Mr. Biden explains the the federal debt to a closed-session audience at Davos 2012.)

Speaking off the record, one well-known strategist offered, “Mainly, it’ll allow us to put Obama’s debate debacle and the discussions about his record behind us and to get more Romney attack ads in heavy TV, radio, and social media rotation. And of course, our friends who are journalists,” he said, adding air quotes, “will be doing their part as well.”

Democrat strategist LeRoy Fonduemerville, a veteran of eight presidential races, said, “Although Joe’s a clown, he’s our clown, and a loyal one at that. He’ll do and say anything he’s told, unless he forgets or mangles his script… which he’s capable of, of course.”

A third strategist who refused to be identified said he thought it would be “helpful to the President’s campaign in diverting attention from the just-cooked unemployment rate and that whole Benghazi thing.”

A final anonymous strategist said, “It gives us a bit of a breather to schedule more Bill Clinton appearances on the President’s behalf. We’re desperate for a Clinton-driven boost, so hopefully we can raise the appearance money he requires. And if all else fails, there’s still a few more race cards to be played as well as Hillary 2016.”

More recently, several of the more severe “Joe being Joe” moments are thought to be the result of a severe fungal infection associated with the Vice President’s hair-plugs. Medical officials at Bethesda Naval Hospital say there is new hope an experimental anti-fungal treatment will slow the rate of Biden’s decline. Similarly, the use of a teleprompter is thought to mitigate the magnitude and severity of the VP’s “Bidenisms” and one staffer now has the full-time task of personally monitoring Mr. Biden’s public speaking and simply powering off his microphone should the VP trend towards the serious gaffes he’s well know for.

Regardless, most political analysts are already predicting a clear Biden win despite the fact Las Vegas odds makers have installed Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan as the prohibitive debate favorite. As one odds maker put it, “Even if Ryan doesn’t show up, I say he’s a lock to clean Joe’s clock. The longer Joe talks, the worse things seem to get for him.”

(Philup Nubia and Zerxes Jones-Smith from PMNS’s Mumbai Information, Research, and Translation Service enclave contributed to this article.)

How Romney can win over the mainstream media

It seems that media observers well understand the state of decay of the mainstream media and that the MSM house of cards is irrevocably stacked against Mitt Romney.

This—the anti-Romney bias, not the MSM rot—could all change, and quickly. What needs to happen for Romney to gain some additional MSM endorsement? Simple:

First, Romney must renounce his faith and embrace Islam.

Second, Romney must embrace global warming climate change climate confusion global warming.

Third, Romney must embrace government-driven market interference, that is, taxing disfavored industries (energy) and persons (“the rich”) and subsidizing favored industries (green energy, domestic automakers, finance and banking, and Hollywood) and persons (Warren Buffett, Jay-Z, Harvey Weinstein, et al.). Romney also needs to endorse all Fed actions to devalue the dollar.

Fourth, Romney must denounce his running mate as a racist, homophobe, woman-hater, hypocrite, etc..

Fifth, Romney needs to renounce American exceptionalism.

Finally, Romney must admit to being a closet homosexual who only did the natural marriage/family thing in order to advance his career. Although being a homosexual Muslim is an oxymoron, the MSM is unlikely to notice.

Such a Romney initiative, were it to be followed in it’s totality, would be likely to double his approval rating among the media from less than five percent to perhaps ten percent.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The solution to Obama-fail

The solution to Obama-fail (both domestic and foreign), as prescribed by Obama, his handlers, and most of the MSM is simple: apply more Obama.

Instructions: pick the best explanation for the above “solution.”

a) Insanity (that is, keep doing more of the same and you’ll get different results).

b) The solutions to the problems at hand cannot be adequately addressed by the minds that created the difficulty.

c) He may be an idiot, but he’s our idiot.

d) Nancy Pelosi is not electable at a national level, but Barack Obama is.

e) b and c above.

Discuss among yourselves. The correct answer will be posted at a later date.

Gaffemaster Flash: Biden or Obama?

When a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, it still makes a noise.

When Barack Obama makes a gaffe in the public arena, it still makes a noise. But as with the tree, no one hears the noise. Why? Because the media fails to address the gaffe. It’s not too much unlike explaining away our daily Bidenisms: that’s just Joe being Joe (which is media code for this: he may be a total idiot, but he’s our total idiot).

Barry seems to think the bodies of four murdered Americans are a speed bump in his record of foreign policy achievement, right up there with the Russian reset and rebuilding the American image with the Muslim world.

The good news is he’s stopped the seas from rising.

Why Obama favors campaigning over governing

When Dana Milkbag Milbank sees that Barry Oh! has gone over the top in his re-election efforts, you know things are pretty bad for Obama and his fellow travelers. But for Barry, the lessons are clear: it’s better to be loved than to be respected and it’s better to be re-elected than loved.

Even the intrepid Milkbag knows the American president has an important obligation to meet with foreign leaders (as opposed to courting the hosts and audience of The View).

But it isn’t nearly good enough to point out an obvious, if gruesome, Obama flaw; that’s like not taking one for the team. What to do? An idea springs to life from the Milkbag mind: Blame Romney for doing the same thing!

This, of course, conveniently forgets that Romney is an as-yet unelected candidate. That means Romney isn’t yet in a position to represent American positions because he isn’t yet the President of the United States (even though he’s met with foreign leaders in his role as Republican nominee).

And all those trees falling in the forest of Obama’s presidency? They’re the epic failures and root rot the media somehow can’t see or hear.

Around the internet: world news today

From Washington DC, Hillary Clinton prepares to brief Congress on the issue of the security of the U.S. embassies overseas. A preview of the testimony centers on George W. Bush’s failure to fund embassy security upgrades, his failure to use contracted security forces, his failure to improve relations with Islamists everywhere, his failure to censor American citizens as required, and his failure to provide President Obama with a satisfactory change-of-command briefing on the subject. Unnamed Administration sources add that all is well in the Middle East and that this is all a part of the President’s “lead from behind” effort, which is said to require another four years to complete.

On a related subject, the media is prepared to support the Secretary’s positions.

In Arizona and regarding the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious conspiracy which resulted in the death of one Border Patrol agent and innumerable Mexican citizens, the Administration “did its best to deflect criticism downward for decisions that should have been made and monitored at much higher levels.” The Administration, the highest level of government, had no further comment.

On the business front, GM wants out of the Administration’s $82 billion taxpayer-funded bailout of the automotive industry. The bailout, generously estimated to have saved one million jobs, many of them in China, also killed 200,000 American jobs. The overall effort is a part of the Administration’s commitment to win re-election and to additionally bring the United States in line with its global partners. If true, each “job saved” cost the taxpayers over $100,000. Finally, the Administration hopes to make up on the $50,000 lost on each Chevy Volt sold with higher sales volume.

With gas prices at historical highs, the Administration is asking drivers everywhere to check their tire pressures and consider investing in a Chevy Volt. Administration advisor and former President Jimmy Carter suggest setting the thermostat to 68 (not the air conditioning, the heat), putting solar water heaters on the roof, and should conditions permit, wearing a cardigan sweater.

In the nuclear arena, the Administration is said to be pleased with “useful and constructive” negotiations with Iran regarding their renegade nuclear weapons programs. The U.S. is now said to be considering supplying Iran with a small number of nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles if Tehran agrees to end their illegal pursuit of such weapons.

inverted obama flagFinally, the Administration has released their new “American Obama” flag. An Administration spokesman descried the flag as “… one for all Americans. The President isn’t any different than anyone else, except being smarter; he just wants to stay stoned out of his skull, ensure government-provided bread and circuses, and let his freak flag fly.” A Romney campaign spokesman said the symbol is disrespectful and should be retired immediately. The media universally condemned the Romney campaign for its insensitivity and referred the issue to the Justice Department as a thought crime before announcing Mr. Romney’s candidacy to be “dead on arrival.”

Stay tuned for updates which will occur as time and conditions permit.

The media goes all in for Barry

If politics is Hollywood for the ugly, what’s that make the traditional media? Cheerleaders? Court eunuchs? Stenographers? Lapdogs?

Not that there was ever any doubt our brave media types were in the tank for Barry Oh!, but as affirmative evidence, check out this afternoon’s screen shot from Real Clear Politics.

rcp screen shot

The Republican’s Obama Dilemma

not my faultRepublicans seem to have a problem: how do you land effective punches on what amounts to an empty suit (or in the Eastwood version, an empty chair)?

Alternatively, with the Obama meme as “It isn’t my fault,” assigning ownership of the many failed Obama policies to an empty suit becomes more difficult, especially when the empty heads of the media bow at the President’s feet.

What’s a conservative candidate to do? Spend.

Spending—or donating—one’s own money makes the liberal angst associated with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision easier to understand. Basically, those who oppose the court’s decision oppose the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. That is, the left opposes the people having the power to decide for themselves and would prefer that the media spoon-feed and filter everything. We’ve had our experts look at this and we’ve decided it’s for your own good.

And it’s also interesting to see that the left attempts to smear Citizens United in many ways, including bogus ratings via a web-based tool called Web of Trust.

The media: partisan hacks, lemmings, or clowns?

lemmingsIn paraphrase from Red State: most media lemmings lean so far left as to be limited to going in small circles.

Yesterday, they were observed in a collective face-plant after stumbling over their group think as they attempted to focus on Mitt Romney and not the Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama, following attacks on U.S. embassies and the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans.

Why would the media perform such a disservice?

They’re the media. It’s a habit.

Media’s conventional wisdom = everyone else’s opiates

Is is possible the traditional media is in the tank for Obama?


Better: yes.

Ezra Klein, Obama’s Weenie Apologist

not my faultIn a world with two types of people, those who make things happen and those who watch things happen, Ezra Klein always manages to find a third way: he wonders what happened.

Right from the get-go, Klein goes full-Obama apologista with the following:

There’s no mystery as to why Congress is not doing more to help the economy: Disagreements between Republicans and Democrats have paralyzed the institution.

The fundamental postulate, that the government can manufacture jobs, is a total fallacy and if you don’t believe me, look it up.

The next idea Klein offers is that the President has been hamstrung by the Congress. None of this is Barry’s fault, even though Obama made himself the face of America’s way ahead in the 2008 campaign.

Who should really be blamed: Bush? Check. Congress The House? Check. Obstinate Republicans? Check. Typhoons, an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane, and Lenny Bruce is not afraid? Check. Obama’s debt, food stamps, imperial power grabs, disability payments, “you didn’t build that” philosophy, our budget-free Senate, etc.? No way, man!

Ezra, did you ever consider that when voters turned the House over to Republicans in the 2010 elections, it was because they wanted the Democrat Congress paralyzed?

Later, Klein offers an additional Obama gets-off-the-hook apologetic:

But there’s a real mystery as to why the Federal Reserve is not doing more to help the economy. Ben Bernanke, after all, keeps saying the central bank can do more, and if the economy gets worse, it will do more. But the economy keeps getting worse, and the Fed keeps not doing more.

Right. We all forgot the Fed is the keeper of the keys for the economy and the President’s influence is totally limited (except Bush, whose influence was unlimited and who put us in this deep, deep hole). So Bernanke is to blame as well. Bernanke and Bush, that is. And obstinate Republicans. And Congress (except the Senate).

That’s a source of much amusement to me. How can the traditional media blame Bush, who was simultaneously an evil genius, conspiracy king, puppet master, destroyer of economic value, and simpleton while they ignore the “accomplishments” of Barack Obama, he of the trillion dollar deficits, 40-something months of 8 percent-plus unemployment (and closer to 18 percent actual unemployment), and of course, being our most intelligent president ever?

Wow, that was a really long sentence. Sorry.

The sad thing is what’s been discussed so far reflects the most cogent parts of Klein’s article, which contains another message:

…I am convinced that there is something more the Fed can do, and that now is the right time for them to do it. I call it Uncle Ben’s Crazy Housing Sale.

Ezra appears to have found the codeine-laced cough syrup again and just started typing.

Say goodnight, Ezra. Please.

Dana Milbank and Obama Nuttiness

dana milkbagDana Milbank, AKA Dana Milkbag, a member of the stenographic pool at the Washington Post-It, offers that Romney surrogates are encouraging “Obama nuttiness.”

Mr. Milkbag misses both the forest and the trees as it regards President Obama and almost certainly with malice and forethought, a la Brian Ross.

After all, President Obama has been to America what John Elway was to the Cleveland Browns (that is, poison, death from above, bad medicine, etc.).

The Milkbag fails to see his favorite Kansas-Kenya cowboy has captained our nation during the biggest debt run-up, the greatest economic non-recovery, and the most imperial presidency in our history.

Throwing rocks at “Obama nuttiness” can’t hide the fact Barry Oh! makes Jimmy Carter’s epic failure look like the very definition of a successful presidency.

John Elway was to the Cleveland Browns as Barack Obama is to America.

ESPN: clearly rooting for Obama

I just finished watching SportsCenter. For one segment, the alleged topic was the last night’s team USA basketball exhibition versus Brazil. The game was played in Washington DC.

But the bigger ESPN story seemed to be Barack Obama.

There’s a replay of Barry Oh! holding court with a interview regarding the 1992 Dream Team versus the current national team. The question allows Obama to suck up to Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Kobe Bryant.

Then there’s not one, but two separate cuts to Barry and Michelle—to the oohs and ahs of the sports readers—cuddling at courtside and appearing on the “kiss cam.”

BTW, I wonder who comp’d Barry and Mooch on the seats? (And I suppose it was too late to go golfing…)

All this while tens of millions of Americans are out of work, tens of millions more are underemployed, and still millions more have just given up looking for work.

Instead (begin sarcasm font), those unemployed Americans should be out somehow stimulating the economy and creating value with their good government jobs and/or free government handouts, as the President does so well (close sarcasm font).

Still, there is some good news for normal Americans: going to the game kept Barry from further damaging the nation’s security and economy.

Here’s the verbal puff piece from the worldwide reader in sports.

Print the legend

barack newmanThe legend is that Barack Obama is our most intelligent president ever but the facts contradict the legend.

That legend, manufactured, distributed, and sustained by the Obama community and Democrats writ large is contrary to all evidence. And yet the myth of Obama’s intellect continues to be observed by the traditional (that is, liberal and mainstream) media.

Why? Because the legend fits into the paradigm they want Obama to fulfill: mixed race man with mysterious multi-cultural past ascends to the world’s most powerful position, aspires to put Americans in their place and will right all the wrongs of capitalism and free-markets. The result? The nation will be infused with the wisdom of the greatest liberal ubermensch since Ted Kennedy (and without the Kennedy baggage).

And yet there are Obama’s innumerable gaffes, self-evident inexperience, and legion political blunders, such as his newest, the Administration’s illegal take on undoing welfare reform.

Until this week, the Obama campaign’s strategy of interest-group payoffs and demonization of Romney seemed, if tawdry, at least a possible route to reelection. The president’s promises to deliver more and more “free” stuff for carefully selected grantees — adorned in the language of sticking up for the “middle class” — appeared to have a chance of success.

But the decision to embrace one of the least popular Democratic positions of the past 100 years — opposition to the work requirement for welfare recipients — is inexplicable politically.

When you start believing your own press releases, trouble is sure to follow. And when the facts interfere with the media legend, print the legend.

Obama: sharp as a marble…

The Imperial Obama Cult

totalitarianThe imperial Barry Oh! and his Administration have used recess-based appointments (where the Senate is in session), drone-based assassinations (OK, there is possible goodness there, but as it regards American citizens, is extra-legal), leading from behind in Libya (that is, falsely claiming war using U.S. troops and resources is not really war unless he says so), providing dangerous security leaks to the media (for the purpose of self-aggrandizement), has managed to concurrently belittle and bow down to Wall Street (and the leaders of numerous other nations), has labored diligently to destroy the U.S. economy (consider 40-plus months of above 8% unemployment as well as the massive increase in the national debt), and attempts to rule by regulation (and not by legislation).

Rule by regulation, that is, via Executive Orders and “policy directives,” are effectively rewriting the law as it regards immigration, the environment, and other issues to most recently include Welfare Reform.

The cult of personality is clearly at work here. The main-stream media availed itself to destroy George W. Bush as they now attempt to cover for Obama’s self-evident ineptness (while also trying to advance his re-election).

It’s a clear case of the media’s cognitive dissonance; man remains the only creature who can lie to himself.

Liberal media chokes on reality

From Judith Warner writing for Time (emphasis added). (Apparently Time still has a web page, but maybe I’m getting them mixed up with Newsweak, the media company you can buy at the Dollar Store.)

The years since Barack Obama’s election have born this promise out: Americans are more divided than ever before, with views of life, politics and fate sharply divided both by partisan affiliation and educational level. The “national catharsis” that the New York Times declared his presidential victory to have achieved, the “we as a people” the president-elect claimed would work together toward a shared vision of a better future, were, it’s so painfully clear now, works of magical thinking that diverted us from the talk of watermelons on the campaign trail and the reality of a divided Congress that would immediately greet him.

[A] divided Congress that would immediately greet him?! Time may have a web page but they obviously lack fact checkers. Actually, Obama had Dem supermajorities in both the House and the Senate.

More Warner-generated hilarity ensues.

When the fantasy that the election of Barack Obama would recreate America ran aground, the rush to blame the president for having somehow bungled the job was immediate and fierce. He wasn’t hopeful enough, passionate enough, true enough to the superhuman capacity to create a desirable, indeed, likeable “us” that had been so readily projected onto him.

Ran aground is a kind assessment. In fact, the fantasy became a nightmare, the rush to blame was the grim reflection of the President’s leadership and policy ineptness, and his superhuman capacity is pending the release of his ACTs, SATs, LSATs, transcripts, and writings (but all I hear is crickets).

Liberal media angst: catch it!

‘Greece matters; it is the nation the United States is becoming’

When a few of the pieces from the editorial page at USA Today sound like they may have been written for IBD, it’s evidence that reality is starting to force it’s way through the brittle veneer of the traditional media.

Greece and the United States have a good bit more in common than Americans like to acknowledge. Greece matters because, in an exaggerated form, it is the nation the United States is becoming.

Like Greece, the United States has borrowed way too much. The U.S. national debt of $15.8 trillion (which includes money owed to Social Security and other government agencies) is equal to about one year’s output of the U.S. economy. That’s only slightly better than Greece’s debt of 1.6 times annual output.

Or as has been said more succinctly, things that can’t continue forever won’t.

Thrilling Tingle Talk Turns Tough

stupidBarry Oh! sent a tingle up Chris Matthews’s leg back in the day.

But now, Chris, host of MSNBC’s Ball Four, is angry for his own inane statement.

Fishbowl DC notes that Matthews unleashed on CSPAN’s Steve Scully, after asking about the “thrill up his leg” comment during a media panel at a convention in Boston.

“Is the thrill still there?” asked Scully.

Matthews wasn’t thrilled with the question.

“I hope that you feel satisfied that you’ve used the most obvious question that is raised by every horse’s ass right-winger I ever bump into,” Matthews responded, after defending the comment.

Chris, if you don’t want to say stupid things—or have others remind you of the stupid things you’ve said—feel free to keep your pie hole closed.

You’ll be doing all of us a favor.