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Political correctness turns into Constitution-crushing political Insanity

There’s the lunacy called political correctness. There’s also the military equivalent, military correctness.

And under military correctness, freedom of speech and freedom of religion instead become censorship and oppression… at least according to a “religious tolerance” plan within the Department of Defense.

Religious liberty groups have grave concerns after they learned the Pentagon is vetting its guide on religious tolerance with a group that compared Christian evangelism to “rape” and advocated that military personnel who proselytize should be court martialed.

The “religious tolerance” punch line comes from the guy doing the “vetting.”

“Someone needs to be punished for this [expression of religion],” [Mikey] Weinstein [who fronts Orwellian “Military Religious Freedom Foundation”] told Fox News. “Until the Air Force or Army or Navy or Marine Corps punishes a member of the military for unconstitutional religious proselytizing and oppression, we will never have the ability to stop this horrible, horrendous, dehumanizing behavior.”

First, consider the absurdity in the fact Weinstein thinks that exercising one’s right to religion and free speech is a crime worthy of a court martial. Next, consider the full power and coherence of Weinstein’s intellect.

“If a member of the military is proselytizing in a manner that violates the law [the Weinstein proposed law which prohibits military members’ freedom of speech and religion], well then of course they can be prosecuted,” he said. “We would love to see hundreds of prosecutions to stop this outrage of fundamentalist religious persecution.”

He compared the act of proselytizing to rape.

“It is a version of being spiritually raped and you are being spiritually raped by fundamentalist Christian religious predators,” he told Fox News.

Thus, Weinstein-style, the circle is squared and the corruption of language is completed. Or as George Orwell would say, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”


Military correctness as a weapon of mass destruction

orthodoxyDo you think all senior military leaders achieve their positions based on competence, insight and wisdom, dedication to duty, or integrity?

If so, perhaps this will dissuade you:

America’s top military officer in charge of monitoring hostile actions by North Korea, escalating tensions between China and Japan, and a spike in computer attacks traced to China provides an unexpected answer when asked what is the biggest long-term security threat in the Pacific region: climate change.

Be not confused: the military has many aspects from the progressive playbook that are always at work. That is, From each according to his ability to pay; to each according to his adherence to today’s political dogma.

If you still don’t believe military correctness is a weapon of mass destruction, think about George Casey, one of its many poster generals.

What’s the career key? The ability to please one’s superiors is essential to achieving rank. The ability to produce tangible national security benefits may be desired, but is certainly not required.

If we were at war (total war, where national survival or essential national interests were on the line), America would not tolerate such a system. Because we’re not, we do.

In the meantime, salute the orthodoxy—no matter how stupid it may be—and succeed.