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Tony Abbott, Barack Obama, and wisdom

It’s a gaffe only the American media would be inclined to ignore (and then, only if it was offered by Barack Obama or a loyal member of the Obama party/team/Administration):

[During] Australia’s election campaign, opposition leader Tony Abbott told a gathering of conservative party faithful on Monday that no one is “the suppository of all wisdom.”

While Abbott is a former Rhodes scholar, Barack Obama’s are less impressive: he went to Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, and likely based on his test scores, is still refusing to release his academic record.

And yet, Abbott, while attempting to make a point about knowledge (it’s good) and truth (no one holds a monopoly), missed the conventional liberal wisdom. That is, isn’t it common knowledge within the media that the left holds all rights to wisdom, goodness, and light? And that the left’s many “nudges” are really only for our own good because we’re too stupid to make decisions for ourselves?

Still, there remain many—for example, Janet Daley—who remain politically incorrect, and based on the outcomes seen, don’t view Barack Obama as the American suppository of wisdom. (A mere suppository perhaps…)

And as America has been infuriatingly slow to learn, an idiot with initiative is a very dangerous thing.


Rodeo clown as Obama and Obama as rodeo clown

So a rodeo clown puts on an Obama mask and catches grief from the politically correct usual suspects. What’s the big, fat, hairy deal here?

After all, it’s likely the rodeo clown could do Obama’s job better than Barry himself. Meanwhile, the President is wholly unqualified to perform any of the tasks of a rodeo clown.

And why wouldn’t the Obama as clown meme qualify as a workplace comedy incident?

(Now, it’s also possible to understand the genesis of the term Broncobama.)

However, given that he’s not the Imperial President, the rodeo clown can’t get his dog a ride on a Marine Osprey.

Three clues the Obama Administration is lying

What are three clues the White House is lying? 1) The President’s lips are moving, 2) Jay Carney is engaging the press, and 3) the Administration’s minions are typing white papers.

As it regards the unlimited Obama surveillance state from the Administration’s just-released white paper on the issue:

The government [better, “The Administration’”], however, said it believes Congress intended a broad concept of relevance when it passed Section 215 of the Patriot Act in 2001 and later amended it. That law authorizes the government to collect “any tangible things” when there are “reasonable grounds to believe that the tangible things sought are relevant to an authorized investigation” to obtain foreign intelligence information or to protect against international terrorism.

Some lawmakers have said that when they passed the law they did not think that they were authorizing the bulk collection of virtually all Americans’ phone records. How could that, they said, be relevant to an authorized investigation?

Of course, if “the government” was serious about what Congress intended… it could ask the Congress (they’re the ones referenced above – the “some lawmakers” – who said this was not their intent).

As it is, the things now condoned by the Administration were condemned by Candidate Obama. Or as the saying goes, “Where I stand depends on where I sit.” And sitting on the throne of extra-legal totalitarianism is where Mr. Obama rests (when he’s not vacationing).

This Administration makes Kennedy’s look zipped-up, Nixon’s look ethical, Carter’s look competent, and Clinton’s look prudent. Mr. Obama’s goal with the American public seems to be to anesthetize us to lies, distortions, and misrepresentations rather than taking a principled position regarding the very Constitution he and his sycophants so often claims he’s an expert on.

What a difference a day makes

Before the Verizon and Prism reveals, Barack Obama was thought to have planned to pummel visiting China President Xi Jinping on the issues of Chinese hacking and cyber security.

However, given the behind-the-curtain look at the depth and breadth of the American surveillance state, it’s more likely that Xi asked Mr. Obama for some pointers. (Similarly, Xi might also consider an off-the-record visit with AG Eric Holder regarding unfreedom of the press and with the IRS on the punitive use of the federal bureaucracy.)

Perhaps, as he’s doing with America’s nuclear deterrent force, Mr. Obama will choose to unilaterally cyber disarm, so as to demonstrate our good faith towards China.

Let us all seek Booz

The myth surrounding JFK was called Camelot. The reality of the Obama kingdom may be called Scamalot and it’s enough to drive one to drink.(Scanalot would also be acceptable description of the President’s kingdom, but in total, it’s less comprehensive and therefore, less accurate.)

Yes, as it regards life in America as a government worker (or a government-industrial complex worker), it’s enough to make one seek Booz. That is Booz, as in employment at Booz Allen Hamilton. From Slate:

According to the Guardian, [leakmeister/whistleblower Edward] Snowden is a 29-year-old high school dropout who trained for the Army Special Forces before an injury forced him to leave the military. His IT credentials are apparently limited to a few “computer” classes he took at a community college in order to get his high school equivalency degree—courses that he did not complete. His first job at the NSA was as a security guard. Then, amazingly, he moved up the ranks of the United States’ national security infrastructure: The CIA gave him a job in IT security. He was given diplomatic cover in Geneva. He was hired by Booz Allen Hamilton, the government contractor, which paid him $200,000 a year to work on the NSA’s computer systems.

Let’s note what Snowden is not: He isn’t a seasoned FBI or CIA investigator. He isn’t a State Department analyst. He’s not an attorney with a specialty in national security or privacy law.

Instead, he’s the IT guy, and not a very accomplished, experienced one at that.

Chances are the government was paying Booz around $500K per year to have Snowden support them.

And the block quote from Slate calls to mind another not very accomplished, experienced person, our very own Dear Reader, ruler of Scamalot. (Dear Reader may be credentialed, but that’s not the same as accomplished or experienced.)

Hey, the truth may hurt, but it’s still the truth.

In the meantime, get used to life under the all-knowing eye—although not yet the thumb—of  our Emperor. (And also get used to guys like Snowden—or worse guys—having the keys to the kingdom.)

Scamalot shows ideology reigns supreme over reality

The President’s scandal explosions (that is, Scamalot) show one thing: for the left, ideology reigns supreme.

This is because the apologists and true believers are disinclined to contemplate the obvious, yet painful, truth that the Barack Obama’s presidency has been inferior to that of George W. Bush. Was the Bush presidency superior in literally (not Biden-speak) every way possible? No, but close.

That’s because the magnitude of the Bush blunders (that is, Iraq, the FEMA/Katrina debacle, Homeland Security, the return to deficits, bailouts, and the prescription drug benefit) can’t be waived away.

However, as far as government credibility, the economy, jobs, still bigger bailouts, labor force participation, crony capitalism, national security, foreign policy, world standing, the education system, the debt, the deficit, the always-on super-stalking surveillance state, health care, the IRS, press freedoms, entitlement programs, the regulatory state, extra-Constitutional activities of every sort, national infrastructure, etc., our nation is worse off than we were under George W. Bush.

The left asserts—in the absence of proof—that things have improved with Obama.

The evidence—reality—shows otherwise. While the left is still much enamored with Obama, it should now be clear why: he had the liberal, biracial bona fides they wanted in a candidate and on the ballot, possessed a parenthetical “D” by his name.

The Bush bad, Obama great mythology is demonstrably false. Sadly, a more accurate assessment is this: Bush not good, Obama far worse.

Explaining the Obama kingdom of Scamalot

When a professional athlete goes from one team to another and says, “It isn’t about the money,” the rule of thumb is this: it’s about the money.

When James Clapper says he didn’t intend to mislead Congress, you can rest assured he intended to mislead Congress.

When Eric Holder says he favors protecting the press, it’s a given he’s into (selectively) prosecuting the press.

When Jay Carney says only a pair of miscreant IRS employees in Cincinnati were responsible for the failings of an entire organization, you can instead know this: the fish rots from the head.

Obama’s kingdom of Scamalot has been created and sustained by 1) the quest for power and control, 2) the self-deluding thought that the means don’t matter as long as the goal is achieved and challengers are punished, 3) having a team of world-class sycophants who are unwilling to substantively challenge Obama or to tell the emperor he has no clothes, 4) the idea that academically or governmentally credentialed “elites” know what people need more than the people themselves, 5) the paradoxical and absolute belief in the absence of absolute truth, absolute morality, and absolute rightness, 6) an unexamined do as I say and not as I do worldview, 7) convincing the media to watch what the Administration says and not what it does.

Scamalot (that is, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, press prosecutions, the all knowing surveillance state, etc.) is thus not an anomaly, but is rather the logical conclusion of the beliefs, words, and actions of President Obama.

Above-board and non-Scamalot failings (Barack Obamacare, the regulatory state, class warfare, the debt, the deficit, unemployment and underemployment, etc.) are also inevitable as they depend on the foundational precepts that created and sustained Scamalot.

How will this end? The same way it’s been trending: poorly.

Today’s new “n” word

Background: Long ago, the JFK years were turned into a family created myth called Camelot for the purpose of rewriting history and, ultimately, legacy building. Today, the Obama era is an ongoing American tragedy called Scamalot.

Discussion: Earlier this week, a news worker an opinion worker in the MSNBC class offered that saying “IRS” as it regards the presidency of Barack Obama is really the same as using the “n” word on him.

As such, today’s new “n” word is NSA.

Tomorrow’s new “n” word will be Obamacare.

Saturday’s new “n” word will be drone assassinations.

Sunday’s new “n” word will be Benghazi.

Monday’s new “n” word will be jobs.

Leftist way ahead: Wash, rinse, and repeat until ideologically assimilated.

Our B-team President

How does our smartest-ever President continue to fail us? Let us count a few of the ways (yes, space limits the number of examples provided):

Leadership-wise, the President has managed to make John Kerry look like John Wayne; economically, Obama makes the Carter years look like the Clinton-era; morally, his White House is now making the Nixon Administration look like Mother Theresa.

Bill Clinton was right: Barack Obama is an amateur. Although amateurs may experience random successes, persistent failure—like what we’ve seen—is the pattern of behavior.

David Axelrod vastly underestimates the stupidity of this Administration

The newest attempt at waiving the media away from the IRS part of the scandal trifecta that plagues the Administration comes from Obama apologist David Axelrod:

“I think it [the IRS targeting of conservative groups and individual taxpayers] was an idiotic thing to do,” Axelrod said. “But I will point you to the Inspector General’s report that said it wasn’t done for a political reason. They were flooded with applications.”

There are at least four problems with Axelrod’s spin: 1) it is self-evident this was done for political purpose, hence the instructions to the field from Washington and the known 88 individuals involved; 2) the “flood” of applications didn’t happen until targeting had already begun; 3) as part and parcel to the Obama Administration, Axelrod is incapable of underestimating their idiocy; 4) IRS employees have said it was done for political purpose.

If the lack of idiocy was the test for this Administration we’d have no Eric Holder, full employment, no pending Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare would be solvent, and the federal government would be running a surplus.

We have not mere idiocy with the Obama Administration; we have idiots with initiative, a most dangerous situation.

Additionally it’s clear the Administration thinks its existing scandal mitigation efforts have been inadequate, hence the appearance of Axelrod and “former White House advisor” David Plouffe.

Despite their efforts, the red Obama Fail warning light remains illuminated steadily.

Washington, you have a problem

Lost among the dystopian dark shadows cast about in Barack Obama’s Scamalot empire is the fact the economy remains in the septic tank (which is worse than merely “in the toilet”). Restated, based on everything except the quasi-scary stock market and housing reflation, Obamanomics has been an epic failure.

Of course, it’s comforting to know Dear Reader still has your best interest at heart (assuming that policies of legalized and intergenerational theft work to your benefit). 

The conclusion? Washington, you have a problem. Actually, you have several problems…

The absence of moral authority within the Obama Administration

If the Obama Administration would consider the naked hypocrisy of their words and actions, they’d have a better understanding why so much of the country—and the world—feels free to ignore their moral directives.

A few examples of the Administration’s malfeasance:

  • The IRS uses its vast powers to muzzle free speech, to discriminate, and to punish.
  • The Justice Department ignores the law, the Constitution, and prudent restraint. When such things aren’t ignored, they’re practiced with discriminatory malice.
  • The President feels free to issue executive orders on extra-legal topics of all sorts (consider the mightily misnamed DREAM Act as an important case in point) while he calls on Guantanamo to be closed by Congressional action.
  • Bureaucrats within the federal Leviathan propose punishing those who practice the First Amendment in unapproved ways.
  • The Administration claims transparency while practicing its opposite (at best) or more often, disinformation.
  • Childish non sequesters like “We have to spend more so we don’t go broke” are offered as soothing explanations to inconvenient problems and facts.

Although the traditional media is less enamored with President Obama than at any point in the past, their willingness to treat him as they would with a man with a parenthetical “R” by his name—that is, with pliers and a blowtorch—remains unobserved.

Pliers and a blowtorch aren’t necessary but something other than a nearly complete diet hypocrisy (the Administration) and junk journalism (the media) would be appreciated.

The traditional media’s failure to question the Administration’s poseur routine has gotten Mr. Obama to where he’s at but only the President himself can lead the left out of Scamalot. Don’t expect it to happen: it’s far easier for everyone to keep on doing what they’ve been doing.

How Barry never got his groove back

The President is mired in a triple-play of scandals. The IRS appears as a Democrat fed freedom-munching monstrosity, the oxymoron known as the “Justice Department” is suppressing the First Amendment, and the Benghazi security debacle and subsequent cover-up are slowly being unpeeled. (The extra-legal wranglings of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius could prove to be a four-fer.)

What’s a President to do? Distract the media and the masses by attempting to appear presidential. Look, squirrel!

A modest distraction campaign was attempted via the President’s trip outside the District to view the devastation in Oklahoma, a locale where a presidential sounding speech can be read, promises made, pain felt, and big government extolled. However, even under such circumstances, it seems the Administration cannot resist its first impulse, to blame others.

Briefing the media aboard Air Force One on the way to Oklahoma, White House principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest responded to a reporter’s question about what the disaster said about the role of government by first saying: “It’s not a day for politics.”

He then continued: “That said, I think it is evident to any impartial observer here what an important role the federal government can play in providing assistance to our people at their time of urgent need. And you talk about an agency like FEMA that, when this president took office, did not have a very good reputation.”

In Obamaland—and for the pure Obamaphille—squaring the circle is thus as easy as saying one thing (it’s not about politics) and immediately implying the opposite (FEMA under Bush was inept). And ponder this, Earnest-one: maybe FEMA didn’t have a very good reputation (is it any better now?), but the IRS and the Justice Department were less of a problem.

Still looking to appear presidential, the President has also attempted to align himself with the cool kids. In such a case, it means heading over to New Jersey to hang with cool kid extra-grande, Chris Christie.

With New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie at Obama’s side, effective government, bipartisanship and economic opportunity will be the unmistakable message in the face of the coastal recovery.

The unmistakable message sadly flies in the face of the ground truth and past presidential practices (ineffective government, bitter partisanship, and economic regression). On top of that, there’s the President’s ongoing demonization of those who would disagree with him. So as it regards Christie, all the President can bring forward is his face and hope for a great photo op and maybe a couple of cute bumper stickers about the truth and light of the federal Leviathan.

The bad news for conservatives is rolling back Obama’s damage to America may be a Sisyphean task that takes tons (literally, in Biden-speak) of political capital. 

The good news for conservatives is at this rate—posing, scandal-tamping, and feigning ignorance—Barry will never get his groove back. (That and a Republican House…)

Obama going Nixon? No. Obama going Stalin? Maybe.

While the narrative of Obama going all Nixon on America is making it’s way around, a better comparison would be with the USSR. That is, Obama’s gone Stalin:

Meanwhile, in Britain, a soldier has apparently been brutally murdered by men chanting “Allahu Akbar.” Eric Holder would likely describe the event as workplace violence.

The Obama experiment rots from the head

China and Russia don’t care what America thinks because they believe President Obama is weak, malleable, and/or inept. Many American’s don’t care what President Obama thinks because his record is one of negative accomplishment. (Many Americans do, however—and in the absence of any evidence—hold out hope that the President is a nice guy.)

In fact, President Obama continues to do not-nice things to the United States that most people thought impossible: he’s managing to make the presidency of George Bush (either one) look like that of George Washington.

Consider a partial list of the Obama foreign policy fails:

  • The much-ballyhooed Russian Reset didn’t work.
  • China is once again hacking into U.S. government and commercial enterprises making off with and/or planting things that will cause who knows what who knows when.
  • America’s stature in the Arab world since Bush left the White House has diminished; the Arab Spring has sprung; leading from behind is the de facto Obama Doctrine.
  • Terrorism is out of its box.
  • Iran and North Korea have both made significant strides in their nuclear weapons programs.

Consider a partial list of the domestic policy fails:

  • Many more Americans are unemployed and underemployed than when Obama took office; the Bush recession was less damaging to America than the Obama recovery.
  • Obamacare, which will control a sixth of the economy, is now described by a primary author as a train wreck waiting to happen.
  • Crony capitalism has grown and flourished.
  • Fundamental liberties and due process are being systematically dismantled.
  • The federal debt has grown to unpayable levels even as taxes are up (regardless of the President’s promises).
  • Gasoline prices are at their highest levels ever in several locales.
  • The Obama Administration is mired in myriad scandals.

On the other hand, the stock market is up.

Actually, on further review, President Obama is doing the uber impossible. He’s making Jimmy Carter look like George Washington.

Depending on how the scandals play out, he could even make Richard Nixon look like Jimmy Carter.

Will the media be able to cover the myriad Obama scandals?

Expect most of the traditional media, whether by inclination or inability (or both), to show itself to be incapable of adequately covering the myriad Obama Administration scandals.

Why? As a group, they’ve shown themselves to prefer to bow down to the President rather than to challenge him.

Additionally, one of media’s fundamental advantages, people willing to tell the truth, has been placed at risk by… the Obama Administration. This will be seen in the dwindling number of government whistleblower-type sources available to writers as a result of (for example) the campaign against Fox News correspondent James Rosen and the massive AP wiretaps. (Or restated, we’re in an era of the selective criminalization of almost everything, that is, if those things don’t support the President’s agenda.)

Is Mr. Obama the most paranoid-delusional President since Richard Nixon? No, that’s an insult to Nixon. Instead, Obama’s the most paranoid-delusional President ever. If Mr. Obama had a parenthetical “R” besides his name, the media would be coming after him with pitchforks and blowtorches.

And in related news, George Orwell was a prophet.

With the lights on, the cockroaches scurry for cover

The New York Times tells us the Obama Administration knew, pre-2012 elections, the IRS had been targeting conservative groups for “special treatment.”

The Treasury Department’s inspector general told senior Treasury officials in June 2012 he was investigating allegations that the Internal Revenue Service had targeted conservative groups, disclosing for the first time on Friday that Obama administration officials were aware of the matter during the presidential campaign year.

Want more? The acting IRS Commissioner lied to Congress.

According to the inspector general’s report, [acting IRS Commissioner] Mr. [Steven T.] Miller was aware of the political targeting in March 2012, sending a team from I.R.S. headquarters in Washington to discuss it with the program’s leaders in Cincinnati. Yet a month later, Mr. Miller, then the deputy I.R.S. commissioner for enforcement, wrote a letter to Republican senators saying there was no targeting of conservative groups.

What, me lie?

Besides this steaming hot mess, there’s still more: the apparent criminal leaks of taxpayer records to the media in an attempt to benefit the President’s political purpose.

So to what strategy did Democrat’s turn to at this hearing, attempting to mitigate the damage? Old reliable.

… Democrats tried to keep the focus narrow and under the purview of an I.R.S. chief appointed by President George W. Bush.

Expect the Administration and other Democrats to try and use the same “narrow focus” (i.e., blame Bush/blame others) strategy with the media. And why not? We sure wouldn’t want bigger steaming hot messes—the truth—to emerge, would we? (Or in other words, for Democrats, It’s worked so far but we’re not out yet…)

Still, what about the scurrying of the cockroaches?

[Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T.] Miller [who has resigned]… was likely to step down in June anyway, unless nominated for the permanent position.

Joseph Grant, commissioner of the I.R.S.’s tax-exempt and government-entities division, announced Thursday that he, too, would be leaving in the next month.


When Republicans asked Mr. Miller whether the targeting of conservative groups was divulged to Obama administration officials outside the I.R.S., Mr. Miller said “that would be a violation of law.”

“I would be shocked” if that occurred, he said.



The d-baggers awaken

hits the fanDesperate acts for desperate men; desperate lines from desperate Dems.

What’s causing the desperation? The desperados, of course: why don’t they come to their senses?

This desperation is seen in the response to the depth and breadth of the emerging Obama Administration scandals, which are merely the natural consequence of the President’s ideology and political methods. Like Col. Kurtz, some in the traditional media are starting to wonder if the President’s methods are… unsound.

Based on past practice, it seems unlikely the President’s sycophants and courtiers—that is, his closest advisors—will let him harbor any self-deprecating thoughts, let alone ponder the truth that he, like all of us, to include the rest of the political class, are highly flawed and far-fallen creatures. But just what sort of pap are the President’s more casual scribes, Pharisees, and fanboys pushing?

Emanuel “Leave it to” Cleaver (D-MO) offers the proposal that (contrary to all evidence) the President is doing God’s work and that anyone interested in the truth behind the Administration’s myriad scandals is into… wait for it… racism.

Robert Shrum says, “The animating principle of today’s GOP is relentless animus toward the president.” Crimes and misdemeanors? Scandals? Look, squirrel!

Alec MacGillis thinks none of this can be blamed on big government or bad government, only on… bad laws. (And laws, bad laws included—think Obamacare—come from where, Alec?) Also, as it regards Benghazi, MacGillis feels the government fail was because its power was insufficient (emphasis in original) when it mattered. Such thinking begs the question: just how much should we give to make the Leviathan bigger? They only answer: more.

The normal solution to government fails are calls for more government. In this case, the solution is more basic; an attempt to blame others. No matter how furiously the left may spin the Obama scandals, even America’s most highly (and willfully) ignorant citizens need to deal with the truth, including—especially—those in the White House.

Scandal is not an agenda

National Review Online says Scandal is not an agenda. The editors go on to explain why the scandals engulfing the Obama Administration, by themselves, are likely to be insufficient in massively swaying the next two national elections.

Basically, the editors call on conservatives to do something they should be doing all the time: to present compelling and attractive alternatives to failed existent policies and to plans for continued Democrat intrusion in the future. (On the other hand, the President, to his benefit, avoided articulating any sort of agenda in the run-up to the 2012 election.) Implicitly, the NRO call means conservatives must engage the low information/low commitment voter. After all, a powerful agenda goes beyond merely rallying the base.

Naturally, attractive conservative candidates are also useful. Then you’ve got something.

But as the Scandal is not an agenda headline was read, the first thought was about the Obama Administration itself. That is, the thought the headline inspired was that these scandals were in no way a part of the agenda of the Administration.

Of course not. Everyone knows that. Instead, they are a natural consequence of the Obama agenda.

In Obamaland, the fish rots from the tail

barack newman“The buck stops there,” is the underlying message President Obama’s myriad mouthpieces are pushing. Or translated into Biden-speak, “Yes, he don’t.”

The HHS fundraising scandal? An underling who didn’t first seek permission to shakedown industry.

Benghazi? Well, maybe mistakes were made… but not at the White House.

Tapping the AP’s phone lines? You’ll have to talk to Justice about that.

The IRS targeting conservative groups? An isolated event involving only a few people.

In Obamaland, with the President’s policy goal of all government all the time, the fish rots from the tail and not the head.