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The lesson of the third debate

The lesson of the third presidential debate returns to the theme of the vice presidential debate: rudeness is a weak man’s imitation of strength.

And as I’ve been told, the campaign always reflects the candidate.


Presidential Debate Preview

The final presidential debate review may be framed accordingly: Obama will want to be judged on his foreign policy intentions; Romney will want voters to judge Obama on his foreign policy actions.

As with arms control (and government intervention, writ large), the problem with the Obama Administration isn’t that it hasn’t been given a chance to succeed; it’s that its success, like tomorrow, is always only a day away.

The Romney theme will be that America needs new leadership because the cost of the status quo is greater than the risk of change. The President—apparently both writing and believing his own press releases—said he’d restore America from the grinding foreign policy failures of George W. Bush. The reality is America’s position in the world is the lowest it’s been since the Civil War.

As Winston Churchill might have suggested, Obama has confused disarmament with peace. When we have peace, disarmament will follow. And to paraphrase Curtis LeMay, when you kill enough terrorists, they’ll stop fighting (and even the President knows this at some level, hence the ongoing drone wars). The lesson of history is that peace ends in war and war ends in peace.

Finally, the left’s pillow-biting media will remain incapable of understanding the difference between a man who sheds light and one who lights fires. The Barack Obama experience has been a fool’s errand and Americans have played the fool.

Dig this.

Post-debate headline of the day

Here’s the post-debate headline of the day: Obama finds his missing teleprompter.

If Obama and Romney were both Candy’s children, it would appear she’d weigh-in in favor of Barry. The reason? He seems intellectually starved and needs the extra help. You know (and as Barry has said), spread it around a little.

And if she’s ever called upon to moderate another debate, Republicans will be well advised to kidnap Crowley, give John Sununu a wig and a muumuu, and put him on the stage.

Just a thought… and I think Sununu might be able to pull it off.

Obama not so terrible; still going to lose

The debacle in Denver is just a dot in Barack Obama’s rear-view mirror and he showed up for the second debate at Hofstra University in better form. Chances are it had something to do with the new Presidential Pharmacologist. Regardless, most Democrats in the media are gleefully and predictably declaring victory. Well, it is a victory: it’s a moral victory, and those are for losers.

Other media fanboys, fangirls, and Democrat operatives won’t see it as a moral victory, they’ll see it as a relative victory; that is, Obama was better than before. Relative victories are also for losers. Were they actually fearful Obama would perform more poorly than in the first debate?

The bummer for Obama is he now needs a knockout October surprise, whether it’s at the next debate, in some sort of miracle regarding the economy, some devastating personal information on Mitt Romney, or being able to climb out of Benghazigate with the Administration’s dignity enhanced.

All appear unlikely.

Plus, the President has this thing that follows him everywhere he goes and it ain’t his shadow. It’s his record.

This will not end well for Barry.

New Dem Debate Plan Will Assure A Win

(Washington DC, PMNS)

After the debacle in Denver where most observers felt Mitt Romney decisively defeated President Obama and the subsequent vice presidential debates where Joe Biden perhaps eked out a tie on substance and lost handily on style, many discouraged Democrat insiders were at a loss as to how to regain the campaign momentum they so desire heading into the general election.

Senior strategist David Axelrod seems to think he’s found the way, an unconventional approach that adds an additional debate between Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden while dropping the last two scheduled presidential debates between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama.

A senior campaign advisor not authorized to speak on the record said, “The President clearly got caught with his pants down. Joe turned himself into a weapon of mass interruption and looked like a freak. So instead of any more of that, we’re going to cancel the last two presidential debates and instead have the President and Mr. Biden debate each another. We thing this is certain to create a Democrat debate win of some sort, drive a lot of media buzz, and get back on track.”

The advisor added, “On top of a sure Obama-Biden debate win of some sort, cancelling the last two presidential debates also removes the possibility of another beat-down by Mitt Romney, something we need to avoid at all costs.” The Romney camp is said to be livid at the change in plans.

Some feel Mr. Biden may defer to the President at their debate. Earpieces and teleprompters will be allowed for the President, who may also benefit from the use of an “applause track, a laughter track, and a groan track” he can use at any time. Finally, the event will be moderated by Mr. Axelrod himself. Although the deck seems stacked against Mr. Biden, most think he has a reasonable chance against Mr. Obama unless he decides to tank.

Debate locations are being scouted—Washington DC’s Kennedy Center seems to be a favored site—and the timing of the debate will almost certainly be sometime in the last week of October.

(Philup Nubia and Zerxes Jones-Smith from PMNS’s Mumbai Information, Research, and Translation Service enclave contributed to this article.)

How the President learned he lost the debate

It appears Barack Obama learned he lost the presidential debate with Mitt Romney because someone told him. His lackadaisical and stumbling performance likely has David Axelrod out looking for a new Presidential Pharmacologist, one who can provide Mr. Obama—like Lance Armstrong—with the energy the campaign clearly needs and the ADHD-fighting meds required for 90 minutes bouts of presidential-level focus and concentration. (Hey, it worked for Kennedy, right?) Desperate acts for desperate campaigns and all that.

In lieu of a miracle of meds, the Obama campaign will be stuck with their naked attempts to demonize the challenger, a strategy that struggles to reconcile itself with the fact Mr. Romney showed 70 million Americans he is a rational and thoughtful human being. This all comes at a very awkward time for Mr. Obama as his Administration’s substantive failings, long masked by their army of media eunuchs, seems to have burned through even the cloud of journalistic adoration that’s enveloped and protected him for the last four-plus years. While Mr. Obama has accused Mr. Romney of “salesmanship,” Mr. Romney could rightly accuse Mr. Obama of “failsmanship.”

The proof of Mr. Obama’s presidential inadequacy, as they say, is in the pudding. And this holds true even when the pudding’s been cooked—intentionally or not—beyond all recognition, as it has been with the unemployment numbers or with a fourth consecutive year of trillion dollar deficits.

As Joe Biden might honestly say—thus mangling his own talking points—“Al Qaida is growing, Benghazi is burning, General Motors is dying, Justice Department programs are killing Border Patrol agents, household income is down, poverty is up, Obamaphones are in, and the debt will be crushing,” while under the aegis of Mr. Obama’s domestic and foreign policy leadership.

And to most Americans, as Joe knows, it’s a pretty big deal.

Obama Campaign’s New Tact

(Washington, PMNS)

barry b sadAccording to insiders, the President’s campaign team, reeling from his odious debate performance, has changed it’s approach. Just how odious was the performance? Even Mr. Obama’s re-election staff is quietly calling it “the Denver debacle.”

The new tact, said one official not authorized to speak publicly, will use a sort of “good-guy, bad-guy” approach to try and make inroads with voters. The “good guy” part of the plan is thought to be a subtle jab at Mr. Romney and will use a picture of Big Bird with the words “Vote Obama” beneath it. A second part of the good-guy plan will employ the vast pro-Obama library of Andrea Mitchell video clips.

As for the “bad guy” part of the plan? “Our idea,” said a second official, “is to try and better re-demonize Mitt Romney—that’s why we’re doing the liar-liar thing, and why we got the media and Hollywood to do the same—while telling voters who look like they’ve switched their allegiance, or might do so, that they’re simple-minded idiots who don’t understand all the things the President has done for them.”

Mr. Obama is said to be on-board with the new plan and has been already been promoting his idea that Mr. Romney is a liar at campaign stops, fund raisers, on the campaign web site, and in social media.

The second official offered the good-guy, bad-guy act was not an move of desperation, but was rather an element of the campaign to be held in strategic reserve until needed. He also offered that should the approach fail to provide the intended results, the President will have no choice but to cancel the remaining presidential debates “as a result of Mr. Romney’s lies.” Should in-house polling show the cancellations to be detrimental to Mr. Obama’s re-election effort, the campaign is also said to be considering re-visiting their earlier demand to have Jon Stewart and Bill Maher moderate the debates.

(Philup Nubia and Zerxes Jones-Smith from PMNS’s Mumbai Information, Research, and Translation Service enclave contributed to this article.)

How clueless is Barack Obama?

barack newmanHow clueless is Barack Obama? He’s so clueless he doesn’t know how clueless he is. In the Johari Window, Mr. Obama is stuck in quadrant 2, the “blind spot,” or as I prefer, seen by others, not seen by self. Here’s the (unsourced) liberal-media evidence:

And we are told that when Obama left the stage that night, he was feeling good. That’s terrifying. On every single issue, Obama has instantly plummeted into near-oblivion.

Of course, there’s much more about Mr. Obama that’s terrifying than his debate performance… like his Presidency.

And for liberals and the media, there’s also the terrifying idea that the real Barack Obama has been exposed.

The terror of the Obamunists

What’s truly terrifying to the President’s handlers and fans? That after the debacle in Denver they’ve now seen the real Barack Obama Barry Sorento Barry Obama Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney is not John McCain. John McCain made Bob Dole look energetic, made John Kerry look connected to the citizenry, and made Barack Obama look presidential. And Mitt Romney made Barack Obama look like John McCain (literally, as Joe Biden might say) to all America.

Consider the fear and loathing of the Obamunist camp: that the next two presidential debates will only further confirm what America has already learned.

No wonder David Axelrod had the President’s transcripts, standardized test scores, and grades sealed.

Obama creamed in debate, left bashes moderator

Jim Lehrer works for PBS.

Jim Lehrer is a self-described “journalist.”

Jim Lehrer moderated last night’s presidential debate.

Barack Obama was handed his head by Mitt Romney in the debate.

Ergo, the left is angry with Jim Lehrer.

(And some—including AARP, of which Jim Lehrer is eligible—aren’t very happy with Dear Reader, either.)

A few on the left—with their external voices—may be waking up to the fact Mitt Romney is not John McCain. The rest—inside their heads—already know this.

Missing only the ashes and sackcloth…

Obama fails, media weeps, gnashes teeth, seeks answers

With the President’s epic debate-fail, many from the traditional media are left wondering just went wrong and why. Here are the answers:

Post debate, Chris Matthews asks “Where was Obama tonight?”

Answer: on the stage. You saw him. And so did America.

Post debate, Charles Blows thinks “President Xanax just doesn’t cut it.”

Answer: like a broken clock, Charles is actually correct a couple of times a day. And perhaps Barry did his pre-debate prep with the Choom Gang.

Post debate, Jonathan Chait wonders why “Obama wasted many [opportunities], with “uhs” and long, wonky discursions.”

Answer: Barry lacked a teleprompter.

Post debate, Gail Collins opines “The president thinks these debates are ridiculous, and he may well be right.”

Answer: And along those lines, Barry’s performance was appropriately ridiculous. And non-presidential.

Post debate, Amy Sullivan offers the President didn’t go backwards (with one focus group of 45 undecided voters), so he’ll be OK.

Answer: Her assessment confirms man is the only creature who can lie to himself.

Post debate, Joe Klein asks “Why was his [Obama’s] debate strategy unilateral disarmament?”

Answer: you got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. What’s Barry going to do, run on his record?

What’s next? The traditional media will double down on their attempts to demonize and deconstruct Mitt Romney, as will the Obama campaign. Why? They hold no other cards and are unwilling to fold ‘em.

Top ten observations regarding Obama’s epic fail

Post-debate, here’s a top ten stream of consciousness that comes to mind:

  1. Worst performance by a nominee (and that’s what Barry is) in a debate since Al Gore’s heavy sigh. For Obama, tonight was a heavy sigh writ large. Heavy sighs don’t win voters.
  2. Barry really could have used a teleprompter or an ear piece. Dear Reader may do a dandy job on teleprompter but he clearly isn’t Dear Thinker or Dear Debater.
  3. Appearing on The View is a poor intellectual substitute for having your policies, ideas, and record challenged by the media (Univision, Fox, and talk radio  excepted) or your staff.
  4. Romney looks presidential.
  5. Barry looks perturbed. Maybe a new tie will help…
  6. Having a command of the facts seems to be vey important in a debate.
  7. As we clicked around to MSNBC and CNN, the talking heads there were in agreement: this was a terrible night for Barry. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing (but as I continued to listen to the guy from Starbucks arguing with Rudy Giuliani on MSNBC, I could…).
  8. Used “trickle down government,” but still waiting to hear Mr. Romney describe Barry’s presidency as “trickle down poverty” or that Obama’s “recovery” has been worse for Americans than Bush’s “recession.”
  9. Barry could have partaken a few economics courses in lieu of the skull bong and myriad coke lines. Still, he is our most intelligent president ever, right?
  10. Bill Clinton will become increasingly important to Barry as the election nears.
  11. BONUS OBSERVATION: in HD, many of the talking heads appear to have false teeth.

And how about Paul Ryan debating Joe Biden in about a week? Do the words “mercy rule” come to mind? Don’t be too surprised if the Administration announces that heartbeat-away Joe (AKA GaffeMaster Flash) has a pesky hair plug infection or some such excuse that keeps him from facing Ryan. Otherwise, it’ll make Dick Cheney’s TKO of Joe Lieberman look like a Sunday School picnic.

Breaking Debate News

Although the presidential debates are yet to be conducted, President Obama has already been declared the winner by a 72 to 28 margin. The victory reflects the results of a survey of 160 main stream media political reporters and was conducted by PMNS Statistical Sampling.

The President’s win showed a far lower margin of victory than anticipated. This is thought to be largely due to the Obama economy (described as “worse than the Bush recession” by a Romney spokesman). Regardless, the media says the election is now all but over for Mr. Romney.

In unrelated news, the National Football League has announced that the Super Bowl will no longer be played and that the favorite coming out of the conference championship games, as established by sports writers, will instead serve the function previously fulfilled by the game itself.