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Romney in a landslide?

Dick Morris is sometimes accused of being like a stopped clock; right a couple of times a day, regardless.

From his article Romney Should Win in a Landslide:

The journalists in the mainstream media, who are not politicians and have never run campaigns, do not realize what is happening. The Democrats, as delusional in 2012 as they were in 2010, are too much into their own euphoria to realize it. But America is sharply and totally rejecting Obama and all he stands for and embracing Romney as a good alternative. While few are saying these words, they are the truth.

And the mainstream media is still wearing sackcloth and ashes regarding Dick Lugar’s loss to Richard Mourdock… foreshadowing?

As long as the Morris article is one of those two times a day he’s right—and Morris offers plenty of evidence as to why it might be so—I’m cool.

C’mon November!


Hand Wringers Worry of ‘Polarization’

eric strattonThere are those who think Richard Lugar’s primary loss Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock is a bad thing. The worriers are Democrats, the traditional media, and some in the Republican establishment. These individuals worry that Lugar’s loss smacks of ‘polarization’ or ‘partisanship’ or the dysfunction of Washington politics.

But why was Lugar’s primary loss really so disheartening to these people?

Because they feel the Congress should offer a non-stop, feel-good, bipartisan parade of legislation passed to protect the earth, help the poor, save the children (except the unborn), care for the elderly, protect the banks, give minorities a leg up, aid and assist Cherokee women, eradicate Christianity from the public square, create or save green energy, jobs, and electric cars, improve education, implement arms control, sustain Head Start, provide free health care, and much, much more while making America safer in every way, reducing our carbon footprint and the federal debt, and enhancing our freedoms.

And if these things aren’t happening—or happening fast enough—it is evidence of the impotence of normal Washington politics, as is the aforementioned primary win—in a rout, the scariest signal to the politicos—of Richard Mourdock.

I must draw upon the words of Dear Reader, so I can be perfectly clear: as I stand here today, we are at a crossroads of history and the real challenge the American people need Washington to address is not more legislation, but rather, how to unwind the unintended consequences of the untenable and unsustainable financial, moral, regulatory, and national security positions that have put into practice by those like Richard Lugar and the rest of the almost-permanent political class.

But where to start in the great unwinding? I’d suggest with appropriations. After all, if it ain’t funded, it ain’t.

Spiking the football

I’m not sure of the score in the battle for America’s soul, but the Red Team (not to be confused with Red State or for that matter, the Redskins, seen at right ), that is, the Social-Welfare Team, ran the score up from the 2008 elections until the 2010 elections.

However, like butter, the Blue Team has since been on a roll. Its started with the Scott Brown and Chris Christie elections, carried into the fall 2010 elections, and continued with a couple of reasonable—but very close—Supreme Court rulings.

Now the Blue Team has a couple of more spike the football moments following the two touchdowns in 1) Indiana Republicans selecting Richard Mourdock over Republican-lite incumbent Richard Lugar for the U.S. Senate seat and 2) in the North Carolina natural marriage vote.

Yes, in the naming convention scheme of things, natural marriage is an excellent term to use.

Spike ‘em if you got ‘em.