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Tony Abbott, Barack Obama, and wisdom

It’s a gaffe only the American media would be inclined to ignore (and then, only if it was offered by Barack Obama or a loyal member of the Obama party/team/Administration):

[During] Australia’s election campaign, opposition leader Tony Abbott told a gathering of conservative party faithful on Monday that no one is “the suppository of all wisdom.”

While Abbott is a former Rhodes scholar, Barack Obama’s are less impressive: he went to Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, and likely based on his test scores, is still refusing to release his academic record.

And yet, Abbott, while attempting to make a point about knowledge (it’s good) and truth (no one holds a monopoly), missed the conventional liberal wisdom. That is, isn’t it common knowledge within the media that the left holds all rights to wisdom, goodness, and light? And that the left’s many “nudges” are really only for our own good because we’re too stupid to make decisions for ourselves?

Still, there remain many—for example, Janet Daley—who remain politically incorrect, and based on the outcomes seen, don’t view Barack Obama as the American suppository of wisdom. (A mere suppository perhaps…)

And as America has been infuriatingly slow to learn, an idiot with initiative is a very dangerous thing.